Investview Secures Strategic Financial Relationship with Triton Funds LP

Salt Lake City, UT, Jan. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Investview Corporation (OTCQB: INVU) entered a definitive material agreement with Triton Funds, LP in a strategic financial arrangement that enables growth and expansion for our financial product education used predominantly by millennials.

The New Face of Investment Banking and Venture Capital

TRITON FUNDS was started by three undergraduate students, Yash Thukral, Nathan Yee, and Sam Yaffa from Southern California aspiring to create an investment fund with a millennial touch raising $25 million from local San Diego investors and alumni of their universities.  By utilizing alternative investment strategies with a millennial outlook, Triton helps businesses emerge into industry leaders. Their growth driven cycle yields efficient advancements for students, investors, companies, and the community. #MILLENNIALTOUCH (

“Our aspiration for the fund is to create a legacy and grow this beyond our imagination,” said Sam Yaffa, Triton Funds.

On December 29, 2018, Investview, Inc. entered into a Common Stock Purchase Agreement, a Registration Rights Agreement, and a Share Donation Agreement (the “Agreements”) with Triton Funds, LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership, a non-affiliate of the company. Under the terms of the Common Stock Purchase Agreement, Triton is buying $1,000,000 worth of stock at a 15% discount to the market price based on the five day per share average post effectiveness of the S-1 Registration. The shares would be subject to certain limitations, including that Triton Funds LP could not purchase any shares that would result in it owning more than 4.9% of Investview common stock. Additionally, 3 million shares were donated to the fund Manager Triton Funds LLC further supporting their student initiatives which include learning materials, operational support and scholarship opportunities.

“We are approached by many investment bankers on a daily basis. When I received an email from Triton, I knew they were different and immediately contacted them. It was clear they shared our passion for changing the financial landscape for our youth for generations to come. Finally, a strategic financial partner who understood our core objective and global initiatives,” said Mario Romano, Investview, Director of Finance.

Investview views this as a strategic relationship since its products and services are primarily used by millennials who want a different future than their parents. They embrace technology and distrust traditional Wall Street finance. Investview, through its wholly owned subsidiary Kuvera LLC, provides financial education, research, and technology to individuals worldwide. The entire program is delivered electronically via mobile app and website.  

"At Triton Funds we strive to invest in companies that pave way for the future, and Investview is doing just that. With their mission to make a quality financial education more accessible, supplemented with their global outreach efforts, Investview is taking steps towards advancing global financial literacy. We are excited to be working with a company that has a strong management team and shows prime signs of growth within an emerging industry,” added Arnold Nunez, Analyst at Triton Funds.

 Since inception, the overwhelming majority of the Kuvera customer base is millennials. They seek to learn how to manage their own finances, save, reduce debt and invest in the world’s capital markets. Kuvera’s growth is spurred by this demographic and the company’s top distributors are under the age of 30. 

“As a Senior, it has been frustrating dealing with traditional funding sources who do not understand the changing face of finance and various technology driven initiatives including crypto currency. The Triton team is representative of our vision for the future and an appropriate funding partner for our intention of providing financial fitness to individuals around the world,” said William Kosoff, Investview, Chief Financial Officer.

About Investview, Inc.

Investview, Inc. is a diversified financial technology organization.  The Company operates primarily through its wholly- and majority-owned subsidiaries, to provide financial products and services to individuals, accredited investors and select financial institutions.

About Kuvera LLC 

Kuvera LLC provides affordable access to valuable financial education, current market research and cutting-edge technology that enables individuals to increase and cultivate their own financial resources, enjoy life and plan for the future.   

Kuvera products are distributed through a direct sales model.  Product services are offered to individuals on a monthly subscription basis. Kuvera is classified as a publisher of financial research and information and exempt from securities registration.  This is an exemption provided in the U.S. Securities Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Kuvera is not a brokerage firm or Registered Investment Advisor.  We do not execute trades or take possession of clients’ brokerage accounts. Our customers may cancel their subscription at any time and execute trades at their own discretion.

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