Siili Solutions will make a seed investment in RoboCorp Technologies, Inc.

Helsinki, FINLAND

Siili Solutions Oyj, Press release, January 17, 2019

Siili Solutions Oyj will make a seed investment in RoboCorp Technologies, Inc., a new startup focused on developing a cloud-based platform for license-free open source robotic process automation.

The CEO of RoboCorp Technologies, Antti Karjalainen, will move on from the position of a Business Director at Siili to a full-time CEO of RoboCorp at the end of summer 2019. RoboCorp will operate in both San Francisco and Helsinki.

The aim of RoboCorp is to disrupt the RPA industry by changing its licensing and delivery models through open source technologies. The company focuses on enabling efficient development and secure deployment of RPA solutions globally through its cloud platform.

“Robot Framework has proven to be an excellent way to implement license-free RPA solutions and our customers have really taken to it, but at the moment it requires a lot of infrastructure around it which is hard to build and maintain. Our mission is to solve the infrastructure challenge by developing a global, easy-to-use cloud platform that will change the way in which RPA is built and delivered while also taking high license-costs out of the equation”, says Karjalainen.

Both Siili and RoboCorp are excited about the partnership.

“Making the seed investment and becoming a minor shareholder in RoboCorp is a win-win situation for both Siili and RoboCorp. Siili will get a privilege on taking RoboCorp’s platform first into use to support our growing RPA business, and RoboCorp will get its first partner and customer”, says Timo Luhtaniemi, the CEO of Siili Solutions.

“It’s a great opportunity to have Siili as an investor as it gives us a lot of credibility and at the same time we get a great partner to pilot our solutions with”, Antti Karjalainen comments on the partnership.

Further information:

Timo Luhtaniemi, CEO, Siili Solutions Oyj
+358 40 044 7464

Antti Karjalainen, CEO, RoboCorp Technologies, Inc.
+358 50 326 8914