SARNEN, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Diamond Pro, an unbiased online diamond jewelry advisory website, today announced the launch of Ringo, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps any online diamond buyer determine the best diamond options based on their specific requirements. This first-of-its-kind tool will allow buyers to determine if a diamond is clean to the naked eye based solely on its picture, and be assured they are making the best purchase based on certification, desired shape, setting style and precious metal type.

While the number of diamonds bought online has increased over the past year, online consumers are left to make buying decisions based on photographs and diamond certifications. It is helpful that online diamond retailers, such as James Allen, have extremely high quality photographic images, however the average diamond buyer may still find it difficult to know what to look for when assessing the visual quality of a diamond image. Buying in brick and mortar jewelry stores also presents uncertainty for buyers. Unnatural lighting, aggressive sales staff working on commission and markups as a result of additional in-store costs, make it difficult for them to know if they’re truly getting a diamond of optimal value within their desired budget.

Ringo asks buyers for preferred diamond shape, budget, setting style and metal type and then uses an algorithm based on a set of rules developed by The Diamond Pro experts and an AI engine to present a variety of options ranging from not eye-clean to extremely eye-clean. Additionally, the engine rejects diamonds that aren’t eye-clean. Ringo presents an evaluation, including a picture of the diamond, cost, eye-cleanliness percentage, color, clarity, and fluorescence classifications. For example, Ringo can make a recommendation for a yellow gold ring with the highest carat weight diamond that is eye-clean, K color or better, without strong fluorescence that doesn't have clouds.

“Our team of diamond experts trained Ringo by having the tool review photographs of tens of thousands of diamonds,” said Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro. “Now shoppers know they can rely on unbiased, sophisticated AI to bring them the best options available. Prior to Ringo, consumers would either need to upgrade in clarity to guarantee eye-cleanliness or have an expert choose a lower clarity diamond that is clean to the naked eye. Ringo allows users to choose a lower clarity diamond that is clean without trusting an undereducated salesperson or blindly trusting an online store. It’s a process that eliminates the traditional buy and pray outcome.”

Ringo’s patent pending AI technology can spot inclusions, a particle or flaw visible to the naked eye. When inclusions or flaws are not visible to the naked eye, a diamond is considered eye-clean. Ringo’s AI model reduces consumer uncertainty by using human-like visual perception to determine if each diamond is eye-clean. Ringo is also able to detect whether inclusions will be visible to the naked eye once the diamond is placed in a ring setting of the buyer’s choice. Determining this eye-cleanliness allows for increased savings by showing the consumer lower clarity diamonds that look identical to diamonds with a higher clarity grade. Ringo currently matches desired features with the available diamond inventory from James Allen, a nationally respected online diamond retailer. Additional online retailers will be added over time.

Consumers that have already selected a diamond through James Allen, can simply share the link to their diamond with Ringo and they will receive an evaluation. This is ideal for buyers that want to search for a diamond themselves, but still want to be assure that the diamond meets their criteria.

Ringo is available online at In addition to Ringo, the Diamond Pro website offers a wealth of unbiased information to help prospective diamond buyers make the most educated purchasing decisions. The website offers an easy-to-navigate yet comprehensive library of diamond guides and articles that cover everything from selling and updating a diamond ring to how and when to buy a diamond. The Diamond Pro website also provides a ring gallery, a ‘Try it On’ comparison tool along with gift guides, proposal ideas and one-on-one personal help.

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