SSID Hopping Included in NetBeez 1.5 Release to Increase WiFi Monitoring Capabilities

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetBeez, which offers network monitoring tools from the end user’s perspective, announced the release of version 1.5 of its sensor-based network performance monitoring solution. This new release introduces a new feature called SSID hopping. SSID hopping enables a NetBeez sensor to monitor many WiFi networks by sequentially connecting to up to four SSIDs. For each SSID included in a hopping group, the NetBeez sensor verifies WiFi authentication, network connectivity, and Internet performance.

The 1.5 release is already available to all NetBeez customers and has been encouragingly accepted by many, including TOURtech. TOURtech is the market leader in providing temporary network solutions for the events industry. The company specializes in high-profile projects, such as product launches, music festivals, and concerts where connectivity is no longer a “nice-to-have” option. In these public environments, the challenges of delivering a reliable and stable WiFi service are numerous. TOURtech selected NetBeez to track WiFi performance during the deployment of temporary networks for festivals and events across the country.

“NetBeez allows us to monitor the end-user experience across an event’s site from our central Network Operation Center (NOC),” said Allen Cook, Founder and CEO at TOURtech. “We looked at every conceivable option and nothing came close to the ease and flexibility of the NetBeez platform. Before the release 1.5, we had to deploy one WiFi sensor at each site for every SSID that we needed to monitor. Now that NetBeez has released SSID hopping in its latest update, we can use the same sensor to monitor the end-user experience and performance of many WiFi networks.”

“We are happy to release SSID hopping to our customers, seeing as it was a highly requested feature in 2018. WiFi network monitoring is currently one of the biggest challenges for IT organizations; this new feature will help wireless engineers achieve more with their existing WiFi sensors,” said Stefano Gridelli, co-founder and CEO at NetBeez. “The ability for one agent to monitor several SSIDs reduces the need to manually reconfigure the set of tests to be run and eliminates the need to deploy multiple units to cover all the WiFi networks.”

About NetBeez
NetBeez, Inc. is a network performance monitoring company delivering a scalable monitoring solution that continuously simulates user connectivity on Ethernet and WiFi networks. Dedicated hardware sensors or software agents simulate what end users are experiencing and enable proactive identification and troubleshooting of complex network issues. This helps IT to significantly reduce time to resolution and increase visibility into their network. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @NetBeez.


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