Consumer Electronics to Keep Your Eye Out For in 2019, According to Safeware

High-end laptops and new wearable devices are just some of the latest tech trends for this year.

Dublin, Ohio, Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The beginning of a new year also signifies the beginning of consumer electronics’ trade show season. This ushers in numerous new devices that set the tone for trends for the rest of the year. Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions, analyzed some of these early product releases to give consumers a heads-up of what to expect from the tech world in 2019.

To kick off the new year, Dell released the new XPS 13 model laptop at the International Consumer Electronics Show. This new model has nearly invisible bezels, allowing for a sleek and seamless design. This new model also features an UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD InfinityTouch display, creating an optimal viewing experience and highly responsive touch screen.

With the ever-increasing popularity of eSports and gaming, Dell’s Alienware released a laptop full of desktop gaming capabilities. The Area 51M model boasts the features gamers typically have in a desktop: user-upgradeable battery, CPU, RAM, and hard drive. This laptop also features special RGB lighting effects.

Safeware’s historic data supports the increasing popularity of higher-end laptops and electronic devices. Warranties for electronics valued over $2,000 were up almost 18% in 2018 over 2017.

The realm of wearables continues to expand as well. The Matrix PowerWatch 2 boasts features such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, water resistance, GPS, and notification abilities. The catch? It runs completely off of body heat and solar power. Safeware’s claims data shows that these devices are becoming more and more popular- from 2017 to 2018, there was a 148% increase in warranty sales for wearables.

“The beginning of each year is always an exciting time in the consumer electronics world, full of new ideas and cutting-edge releases,” says Safeware’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Schutjer. “Fortunately, at Safeware, we are able to offer best-in-class product protection solutions to protect these new and innovative devices, regardless of where trends emerge.”

New designs for electronics do not always keep in mind the need for durability. Fortunately, Safeware is proud to provide comprehensive and customizable protection solutions to fit the need of any consumer, allowing them to own their device with confidence.

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Safeware’s historic data supports the increasing popularity of higher-end laptops and electronic devices.

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