ReadySuite Offers Bridge Between CloudNine LAW PreDiscovery Software and Relativity to Simplify Data Imports

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compiled (formerly Compiled Services), the developers of litigation support and e-discovery software ReadySuite, announces the release of the latest version of the software with a new “bridge” feature that allows users to retrieve information from the CloudNine™ LAW™ e-discovery platform and import it into Relativity, as well as retrieve field data from Relativity and overlay the data into LAW. This latest version of ReadySuite also offers new features that will save time and improve e-discovery processes for users.

“CloudNine needed a way for our users to easily import document data, including metadata fields, native files, text files, and image files from data processed in LAW directly into Relativity. We also needed a sync operation to export details like document coding, metadata, tag data, and document files, from Relativity into LAW,” says Brad Jenkins, CEO of CloudNine. “The experts at Compiled have a reputation for developing tools to accommodate specific e-discovery needs and were able to quickly develop and deploy the solution.”

Other new features of this latest version of ReadySuite include a new advanced script editor, with code completion and hint capabilities, that makes it easier for users to write their own scripts to address specific workflow needs. The release also adds nine new prebuilt e-discovery scripts.

“ReadySuite is becoming the go-to tool for law firms and e-discovery providers to handle e-discovery workflows,” says Justin Blessing, founder and CEO of Compiled. “We’ve developed the software to be a neutral tool to integrate e-discovery platforms and were able to quickly deploy the latest version that specifically addresses CloudNine’s integration needs.”

Representatives of Compiled will be at booth #335 at Legalweek, January 29 – 31, to demonstrate the many features of ReadySuite.

ReadySuite is specialized software that allows users an additional measure of quality control when it comes to producing documents for e-discovery. Its features help law firms, government organizations and e-discovery service providers prevent accidental disclosure of redacted documents or those documents that are designated as attorney/client privileged.

About Compiled

Since 2009, Compiled has created specialized software tools to aid in meeting tight litigation deadlines while adhering to strict quality standards. ReadySuite, the bundled suite of these tools, gives nontechnical and technical e-discovery professionals the ability to perform a number of quality control, load file manipulation and image processing steps to data involved in litigation or regulatory matters. Clients include law firms, e-discovery service providers and in-house legal teams. More information can be found at

About CloudNine, The eDiscovery Company

Founded in 2002 and based in Houston, CloudNine ( is a discovery technology company with expertise in simplifying and automating the discovery of data for audits, investigations, and litigation.  CloudNine’s product line includes CloudNine Review™, Concordance®, Early Data Analyzer™ (EDA) and LAW.  Used by more than 1,000 legal and business customers worldwide including more than 100 of the top 200 law firms and many of the world’s leading corporations, CloudNine’s off-premise and on-premise software helps customers gain insight and intelligence on electronic data.

CloudNine has been highlighted by industry experts in reports, reviews, and surveys including Gartner, 451 Research, Blue Hill Research, Corporate Counsel Magazine, the New York Law Journal, and Texas Lawyer. CloudNine also publishes the eDiscovery Daily blog, a popular, trusted source for legal industry information. Learn more about CloudNine at or email

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