Culver City, CA, Jan. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eWellness Healthcare Corporation – (OTCQB: EWLL) – a provider of the state of the art PHZIO platform for the physical therapy (“PT”) and telehealth markets, announced today that it is launching it version 3.0 of its PHZIO Digital treatment platform.

PHZIO is launching version 3.0 of its industry leading tele-rehabilitation platform. PHZIO 3.0 represents the next step in defining the state-of-the-art for Physical Therapists being able to treat patients via tele-health.

PHZIO 3.0 will enable Physical Therapist to expand their reach to more patients while delivering a better experience than ever before. At the core of PHZIO 3.0’s approach is the ability to enable PTs to control the entire Patient workflow. Some new features include:

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  • A custom patient booking page for every PT to promote their availability
  • Patient pain and location indicators
  • Patient video journaling
  • Real-time booking based on specialist availability
  • Text notifications with secure tokens
  • Full SOAP documentation and charting capabilities
  • New tools to capture objective measures like range of motion and video captures
  • Dynamically create a therapeutic exercise plan and demonstrate the exercises to the patient in real-time
  • Voice to Text notes, making it easier and faster to create patient documentation
  • Patient timeline maps of all patient interactions and activity
  • New and easier to use patient interfaces that adapt to the device the patient is using
  • Video messaging between patients and specialists as well as specialist to specialist

PHZIO 3.0 will also support PHZIO’s new Patient Marketplace. This marketplace enables partner enterprises to funnel patients into PHZIO’s virtual care environment under a pre-negotiated contract. For example, a Third Party Administrator could channel workers’ comp patients into the Patient Marketplace and participating Physical Therapists would be allocated patients based on their availability and specialties.

PHZIO 3.0 and the Patient Marketplace will be available in a beta-version starting February 1st. 2019.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

If you are a Physical Therapist and would like to join PHZIO and the Patient Marketplace, create a profile via the following link:

Patient Benefits: Quicker access to PT from your home or place of work for an assessment, creates new savings for you from not having to take a paid day of vacation or missing work deadlines and the elimination of co-pays. Most pain problems will most likely be best treated by our digital PHZIO platform over say multiple chiropractic treatments. As a result, you will get the right treatment from the start. Our mobile video content allows a patient quicker access, more personalized patient care, more flexible scheduling, more flexible PT treatments and a better PT treatment because videos are easier to follow that stick drawings on a at home exercise hand-out.

Employer Benefits: Employees have access to faster employee diagnosis and treatment, easier access to treatments, better treatments and better long term treatment results, lower medical costs for the employer and lower lost work time for the employee. Happier employees make longer term employees!

Our PHZIO platform has been developed to significantly support us in becoming the leader in the new industry of digital telehealth physical therapy (“dPT”). Our focus is to highlight that a majority of all future PT treatments can be accomplished with a smart phone. This new digital adoption will lower patient treatment costs, expand patient treatment access and improve patient compliance. Our PHZIO platform allows patients and PT’s to cut the cord from the old-school, wait in line, brick and mortar clinical experience to an immediate response digital, in-home PT experience. 80% of all PT assessments and treatments can now be done on a patient’s smart phone in the privacy of their own home. Digital PT is clearly the next upgrade the industry needs to make”.

About eWellness

eWellness Healthcare Corporation (OTCQB: EWLL) is the first physical therapy telehealth company to offer insurance reimbursable real-time distance monitored treatments. Our business model is to license our PHZIO (“PHZIO”) platform to any physical therapy (“PT”) clinic in the U.S. and or have large-scale employers use our PHZIO platform as a fully PT monitored corporate wellness program. The Company’s PHZIO home physical therapy exercise platform has been designed to disrupt the $30 billion physical therapy and the $8 billion corporate wellness industries. PHZIO re-defines the way physical therapy can be delivered. PHZIO is the first real-time remote monitored 1-to-many physical therapy platform for home use. Due to the real-time patient monitoring feature, the PHZIO platform is insurance reimbursable.

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