PAULÍNIA, São Paulo, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raven do Brasil today announced the upcoming release of Hawkeye Lite, another advancement in their complete suite of application control technology. An on/off system for individual nozzles, Hawkeye Lite is simple to use, install and set up and will be available on a wide variety of sprayers within Latin America. Customers who purchase a Hawkeye Lite system will also have the opportunity to upgrade to a full Hawkeye Nozzle Control System, including pulse width modulation capabilities, with a simple software unlock.

Features of the Hawkeye Lite System:

  • On/off control for each individual nozzle
  • Quick return on investment by reducing chemical costs due to overlap
  • Upgradeable to full Hawkeye Nozzle Control System, which includes pulse width modulation, turn compensation and pressure control
  • ISOBUS technology for compatibility with multiple ISOBUS virtual terminals
  • Durability and reliability to stand up to rugged conditions, reducing maintenance hours and cost
  • In-country support from Raven do Brasil’s outstanding service and support teams, in country

“One of the many reasons Raven is in Brazil is to reduce the cost of chemical application and increase spraying effectiveness through the use of sprayer control technology,” stated Jeff Rohlena, Director of Latin American Operations for Raven do Brasil. “Raven has the most complete spraying solution available in Brazil.”

Hawkeye and Hawkeye Lite are both compatible with other application control technologies, including AutoBoom® XRT (automatic boom leveling), and SideKick Pro™ (direct injection). Raven is the only company in the world that offers this complete suite of sprayer control technology products.

“Hawkeye is the best system we've ever worked with,” said José A. C. Fernandes, Soybean Department for Farm São João.  “In addition to efficiency on the nozzle-by-nozzle on/off system control and economy of products, it completely eliminated the phytotoxicity problem we had due to overlap. The Hawkeye is excellent.”

“I’ve realized several benefits applying with the Hawkeye System,” commented Fabiano M. de Souza, Owner of Farm Machado. “Because of the system accuracy and nozzle-by-nozzle on/off control, it reduced overlap, helped me save chemicals and avoided over application. It wasn’t just a fast ROI; it brought profits right away.”

Hawkeye Lite will be available in Latin America by February 1, 2019 and orders are being accepted today. Please contact Raven do Brasil (phone and e-mail) to request a demo, price quote or training.

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