Solutions 30 : Growth accelerates in the 4th quarter and for 2018 overall


Growth accelerates in the 4th quarter and for 2018 overall

  • Q4 revenue: €150.3 million, up 75.8%
  • 2018 revenue: €441.3 million, up 60.8%

Solutions 30 SE, the European leader in solutions for new technologies, today disclosed its revenue for the full year ended December 31, 2018.

In millions of euros
(Unaudited figures)
 12 months Q4
 20182017% change 20182017% change
Total 441.3274.5+60.8% 150.385.5+75.8%
From France 278.5177.9+56.6% 92.857.4+61.7%
From international operations 162.896.6+68.5% 57.428.1+104.7%

Solid momentum and strategic deals boost growth for the year

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the Solutions 30 group maintained solid growth, reporting revenue of €150.3 million, up 75.8% on Q4 2017 (17.7% like-for-like).

In France, revenue in the last quarter of 2018 reached €92.8 million, up 61.7% (20.6% like-for-like). Organic momentum is still being driven by the optical fiber and smart meter sectors. The integration of CPCP into the group’s accounts since August 1st, in addition to the acquisition of Sotranasa last December, helped the group strengthen its market share in these sectors and contributed to the quarter’s overall performance.

Revenue from international operations rose to €57.4 million, an increase of 104.7% (11.7% like-for-like). The doubling of quarterly revenue was mainly due to the July 2018 creation of Unit-T, 70% of which is owned by Solutions 30 and 30% by the Belgian cable operator Telenet, and the signing of an outsourcing agreement with Telenet worth approximately €500 million over the next 7 years. Spain and Italy also returned to high growth rates.

Throughout the year, Solutions 30 demonstrated its ability to generate significant organic growth, while completing strategic deals to reach critical mass in Benelux and improve its market position in segments where growth is particularly strong. The Group’s technicians perform more than 40,000 call-outs every day. The Group’s revenue reached €441.3 million for the entire year, up 60.8% (27.4% like-for-like) compared to 2017.  In France, Solutions 30 reported revenue of €278.5 million, a 56.6% increase (34.2% like-for-like). Internationally, sales grew by 68.5% (15.0% like-for-like) to €162.8 million, representing 37% of consolidated revenue.

Outlook for profitable and sustainable growth

Good visibility and strong fundamentals are the basis of Solutions 30’s outlook for sustained, profitable growth in 2019 and beyond.

Its proven and reproducible business model means it can support digital transformation on a European scale and harness the growth of structurally buoyant markets fueled by the ongoing transition towards an increasingly digital environment. By maintaining a targeted acquisition strategy that accelerates growth, Solutions 30 will continue to consolidate its markets and reinforce its territorial coverage. The group’s objective is now to reach €1 billion in revenue in the medium term.


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About Solutions 30 SE

The Solutions 30 Group is the European leader in solutions for new technologies. Its mission is to make the technological developments that are transforming our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. Yesterday, it was computers and the Internet. Today, it’s digital technology. Tomorrow, it will be technologies that make the world even more interconnected in real time. With more than 20 million call-outs carried out since it was founded and a network of more than 8,000 local technicians, Solutions 30 currently covers all of France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain. The share capital of Solutions 30 SE consists of
104,057,392 shares, equal to the number of theoretical votes that can be exercised.

Solutions 30 SE is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN FR0013379484 - code ALS30) as well as
the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the XETRA e-listing system (FR0013379484 – code 30L2)
Indexes: MSCI Europe Small Cap | Tech40 | CAC PME.
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