HempLife Today Gives Shareholder Update on Search Engine Optimization Progress and the 500% Increase in Its Home Page Trust Score

Denver, CO, Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTC: UBQU), through its subsidiary HempLife Today™, is giving shareholders an update on its Search Engine Optimization progress and additional SEO plans for 2019 and beyond. First announced in news on August 29th 2018, the Company hired an SEO specialist in order to improve and dominate the hemp CBD space for its popular growing brand of CannazALL™ CBD products. Since that time the Company has made great strides towards its targeted goals of additional organic Web traffic.

Since the Company began this comprehensive effort to improve its SEO in August of 2018 the HempLife Today™ Website has experienced the following positive results:

  • A 500% increase in its home page trust score from 4 to 29.
  • A nearly 100% increase in its overall Website level trust score from 19 to 37.
  • An over 700% increase in natural organic search engine traffic.

The Company has achieved this early success through instituting the following:  

  • Added over 100 unique pages of relevant and authoritative content to the HempLife Today™ site
  • Added over 35 high backlinks to high quality and topically relevant Websites
  • Added 10 industry specific backlinks to the HempLife Today™ Website

The Company is now instituting the following in order to increase its SEO and to increase its organic traffic:

  • The Company will be adding over 100 unique pages of relevant and authoritative content to the HempLife Today™ site monthly
  • The Company will be adding up to 20 industry specific backlinks to the HempLife Today™ Website monthly
  • The Company will be adding hundreds of quality backlinks monthly

CEO James Ballas stated, “Our SEO is improving every month, and we can track our progress through our new sales and our extensive programming. We can clearly see the incredible improvements to this aspect of the Company, and we have set the groundwork to now expedite this process and reach critical mass as quickly as possible. Now that we have set all the groundwork and gotten a solid footing, we are ready to step on the gas pedal and really get this moving, and that is why we are now increasing our content and backlinks by a large factor.”

The Company believes that through its robust SEO, and increased public awareness of CBD Oil derived from hemp, it can obtain over 500,000 unique visitors per month in the coming years, making HempLife Today™ and its CannazALL™ brand of USA grown and formulated hemp derived CBD products one of the most popular and sought after brands.

COO Luke Dreyer said, “SEO is important, and we have learned this. We are still at the beginning of this process but we are very encouraged by the progress we are making and we believe in the experts working with us. This is a long term commitment to be the industry leader.”

The Company will continue to keep shareholders updated on all Company news and its pending name and symbol change.

About Ubiquitech Software Corp

Ubiquitech Software Corp, through its subsidiaries, is a dynamic multi-media, multi-faceted corporation utilizing state-of-the-art global internet marketing, DirectResponse (DRTV) Television, Radio, Internet Content, and traditional marketing to drive traffic to the new and emerging multi-billion dollar industries like its subsidiary HempLifeToday™

About HempLife Today™

HempLifeToday™ focuses on the exciting and dynamic new thinking in the world today that recognizes the important health and life-enriching enhancement that CBD Oil from the Hemp plant can bring. Through its network of quality USA growers, HempLifeToday.com™ has developed multiple and proprietary CannazALL™ CBD oil products that include; It’s popular CBD Tinctures, Concentrated Oils, GelCaps, Skin Salve, e-liquid, and CannazALL Pets™ CBD products all offered @ www.HempLifeToday.com


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