Dublin, Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Printing Inks - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2022. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Printing Inks in US$ Thousand and Tons by the following Product Segments:

  • Lithographic Inks
  • Flexographic Inks
  • Gravure Inks
  • Digital Inks
  • Other Inks

The report profiles 171 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • ALTANA AG (Germany)
  • Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • DIC Corporation (Japan)
  • Sun Chemical Corp. (USA)
  • Flint Group (Luxembourg)
  • Fujifilm UK Ltd. (UK)
  • hubergroup (Germany)
  • Royal Dutch Printing Ink Factories Van Son (Holland)
  • Sakata Inx Corporation (Japan)
  • INX International Ink Co. (USA)
  • SAKATA Inx (India) Private Limited (India)
  • Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA (Germany)
  • T & K Toka Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Wikoff Color Corporation (USA)

Key Topics Covered:

Printing Inks Industry: A Preface
Impact of Recent Economic Upheavals on Printing Inks Market
Weak Global Economy Hurts Printing Inks Market During 2011- 2014 Period
Stable Economic Outlook to Keep Market Sentiment Intact in the Immediate Term
Developed Markets: Losing Sheen
Developing Regions Remain Fastest Growing Markets
Major Market Participants
World Printing Inks Industry: Key Products of Leading Printing Ink Companies
Consolidation Activity
Select M&A Activity in the Global Printing Inks Industry: 2012-2017

Oil & Solvent Based Inks
Traditional Product Markets
Environmental Friendly Printing Ink Varieties Fast Replacing Traditional Oil-Based & Solvent Based Printing Inks
Vegetable Oil Based Inks Sustain Growth in Oil Based Inks Market
Water-Based Inks
The Fastest Growing Printing Ink Variety
UV and EB Inks: The Bucks Start Here
UV-Curable Inks Gaining Rapid Traction
UV LED Inks: Emerging Technology Attracting Industry Attention
Lithographic Inks
The Largest But Mature Market Segment by Printing Process Type
Gravure Printing Inks Maintain Steady Demand
Polyamide Represents Fastest Growing Resign Type for Gravure Print Inks
Expanding Food Packaging and Lamination Sectors to Stimulate Gravure Printing Ink Market Growth
Challenges for Gravure Printing Ink Market
Flexography Printing Process Inks Continue to Gain Prominence
Growth Prospects for Flexo Technology
Water-Based Inks Dominate the Flexographic Printing Inks Market
Digital Printing Inks
The Fastest Growing Category, by Process
Demand for Digital Textile Printing Inks Gets a Boost from Advancements in Digital Textile Printing Techniques
A Focus on Inkjet Inks
Inkjet Printing Market: Going Strong
Inkjet Inks Market
A Review
Future Prospects for Inkjet Inks: Bright and Bountiful
Key Trends in Ink-Jet Print Inks Market
Wide-Format Graphics Market
Major Focus Area for Ink-Jet Ink Manufacturers
Digital Photography
Creating Significant Impact
Corrugated Industry
Another Prospective Market
Provide Exciting Opportunities
Market Highlights
Rising Number of Sub-Categories Expands Opportunities for Digital Inks in Recent Times
Solvent-Based Inks
Most Widely Used Ink-Jet Printing Ink
Water-Based Inks
Growing in Popularity
Eco-Ethyl Inks Make a Mark
Sublimation Inks Find Widespread Opportunities
UV Curable Ink-Jet Inks Achieves Tremendous Popularity
UV LED Based Inkjet Inks to Find Massive Demand in Coming Years
Weakening Demand for Printing Inks in Publication/Commercial Printing Sector as Internet and Digital Media Replaces Print Media
Steady Growth in Packaging Industry Helps Sustain Demand for Printing Inks
Steady Recovery in Retail Trade: A Key External Driver for Printing Inks Used in Retail Packaging Segment
Printer Ink Refills Market: An Overview
Despite Volatile Economic Scenario Seen in Recent Times R&D Efforts in Printing Inks Remain Buoyant
Product Innovations & Technology Developments Keep the Industry Alive
R&D & Product Innovation Efforts Optimally Geared Towards Production of Environment Friendly Products
A Look at Some of the Advanced Technologies that Have Been Driving Sales in Recent Times
3D Printer Manufacturers Gear Up to Produce Affordable 3D Printing Inks
Biodegradable Inks
The Way to Go
Nanographic Printing
Waterless Printing
High-fidelity Color Control
Thermal Inkjet Printing
Innovations Seen in Inkjet Inks Segment in Recent Past
Select Product Innovations in Inkjet Inks Segment Over the Years
Use of Silk Ink to Transform Inkjet Printing
FB225 Scitex Varnish Ink and HP Scitex FB7600 Color Pack
Mimaki SUV
UV-Cured inkjet and Uvijet KV
SureColor SC-F2000 Direct-to-garment, SureColor SC-F6000, and 7000 Dye-Sub Printers
T Shirt and Sons Installs SureColor SC-F2000 Direct-to- Garment Printer
Strategies Adopted by Various Companies
Innovations Seen in Flexography Inks Market in Recent Past
Electron Beam-Curable CI-Flexo Inks
An Overview
Improved Quality
Reduced Cost
Applications of GelFlex-EB Ink
Innovations Seen in UV Inks Segment in Recent Past
Innovations Seen for Packaging Industry in Recent Past
Innovations in Publication Ink
Key Players & Their Recent Product Developments
A Review
Flint Group
Sun Chemical
INX International Ink Co.
Siegwerk Environmental Inks
Alden & Ott
Key Challenges & Issues
Digitalization & Paperless Era
Securing Raw Material Supply
Synthetic Alternatives Flood Raw Material Supply Chain
Strict Government Regulations to Hamper Growth
Pricing Pressures
Challenges for Digital Inkjet Inks
Challenges of Going Global
Environmental Issues & Compliance with Stringent Environmental Regulations
Waste Ink Dilemma
Need to Reduce Usage of Solvents in Inks
Oil Retention in Inks: A Crucial Issue
Drive Towards Controlling VOC Emissions
Role of EPA in Regulating the Use of Flexo Inks
Need to Comply with Stringent Environmental Regulations
A Major Challenge for Printing Ink Manufacturers

Evolution of Printing in Relief
End-Use Applications
Packaging Industry
Commercial Printing Industry
Publication Printing Ink
Components of Printing Inks
Classification of Printing Inks by Process
Detailed Insight into Ink Segments
A. Lithographic Inks
Lithographic Presses and Printing
Common Impression Cylinder Design
Blanket-to-Blanket Design
Sub-Processes in Lithography
Sheetfed Offset Process
Heatset Web Offset Process
Non-Heatset Web Offset
The Process
Plates Use in Lithographic Printing
Surface Plates
Deep-etch Plates
Bi-Metal Plates
B. Flexographic Inks
Solvent Inks
Water-Based Inks
Other Types
Laminating Inks
Energy-Curable Inks
UV Flexo
Electron Beam Inks
The Process
Presses and Printing
Central Impression Cylinder (CIC)
In-line Flexography Presses
Newspaper Flexographic Presses
Commercial Publication Flexographic Presses
C. Gravure Inks
Types of Gravure Inks & their Applications
The Process
Gravure Presses and Printing
Gravure Cylinder Making (Gravure)
Types of Etching for Different Purposes
Types of Gravure Printing Based on Substrate
Publication Gravure
Packaging Gravure
Product Gravure
Applications of Gravure Inks
End-Use Markets
Folding Cartons
Flexible Packaging
Specialty Sector
Rotogravure Inks
Types of Rotogravure Inks
D. Digital Printing Inks
Who Makes Inkjet Printing Inks
E. Others
Letterpress Printing Inks
The Process
Letterpress Platemaking
Original Plates
Duplicate Plates
Letterpress Presses and Printing
Platen Presses
Flat-Bed Presses
Rotary Presses
Special Types of Inks
Solvent-Based Evaporating Inks
Two-Part or Reactive (Catalyst Curing) Inks
Oxidation-Drying Inks
Baking Inks
Sublimation Inks
Ceramic and Glass Thermoplastic Inks
Other Categories of Specialty Inks
Metallic Inks
Watercolor Inks
Cold-Set Inks
Magnetic Inks
Invisible Inks
Specialty Inks in Packaging
Hybrid Inks
Evolution of Hybrid Inks
Use of Hybrid Inks in Plastics
Vegetable Oil Based Inks
Soy-Based Printing Inks
In Lithographic Printing
In Flexographic Printing
Newsprint Recycling
Different Series of Oil Based Inks
Imagelith 1NK
Imagelith Plus
Energy Curable Inks
UV Cured Inks
Flexmate Line of Ultraviolet Curable Inks
An Overview of Printing Processes
Other Plateless Printing Processes
Prepress Operations: An Introduction
Typesetting and Composition
Copy Assembly and Process Photography
Image Carrier Preparation
Relief Printing
Planographic Printing
Intaglio Printing
Screen Printing
Plateless Processes
Image Carrier Preparation is Mainly Done Through two Processes
Image Carrier Preparations
Press Operations
Postpress Operations
Screen Printing Inks
Product Categories
Raw Material Overview
A Key Constituent Used in Printing Inks
Primary Makers of Pigments
Organic Pigments
Market Participants
Organic Pigment Powders
Synthetic Organic Pigments
Types of Organic Pigments Based on Quality
Flush Quality
Dispersion Quality
Microencapsulated Quality
Press Cake Quality
Toner Quality Powder
Classification of Organic Pigments Based on Color
Fluorescent Organic Pigments
Inorganic Pigments
Physical Properties
Types of Inorganic Pigments
Carbon Black
Frankfurt Black
Extenders and Fillers
Metallic Pigments
Luminescent Type Pigments
Pearlescent Pigments
Potential Market
Polyvinyl Butyral Resins Family
Sulfopolyester Resins
Features of Pre and Post Metallization Primers

Siegwerk Launches ColorTissue
INX Digital to Exhibit Three New TRIANGLE Brand Inkjet Inks
INX International to Roll Out INXhrc Eco-Friendly Product Line
Marabu to Unleash New Line of Printing Inks
PolyOne Releases Wilflex Textile Printing Inks Portfolio
DuPont Advanced Printing Showcases DuPont Artistri Dye Sublimation Inks
DuPont Advanced Printing to Display DuPont Artistri Dye Sublimation Inks
Toyo Ink Brasil Exhibits Gravure and Flexo Product Lines
Toyo Ink Develops Elex-one Series of EB Curable Flexo Inks
Siegwerk Unveils PUR-Based Ink System for Gravure Printing
hubergroup Launches Gecko Platinum Ink Series
Rutland Group to Showcase SilExtreme SIlicone Inks
INX Digital Releases GRR and GSP UV Curable High Performance Inks
Sawgrass Introduces Eight-Colour HD inks
Sawgrass Introduces new SubliJet-HD Fluorescent Inks for VJ 628 Printer
hubergroup Introduces New Ink Range
Siegwerk Unveils New UniXYL Range of Sustainable Inks
DuPont Announces New DuPont Artistri Printing Inks
Siegwerk Introduces the First LED UV Flexo inks for Food & Pharma Packaging
Siegwerk Introduces UV Flexo Inks For Food Contact Printing
INX and BR Group to Showcase a Range of Inexpensive Digital Inks at Fespa Brasil
INX Digital Introduces New Pair of TRIANGLE Alternative Inks for Wide Format & Outdoor Markets
Sun Chemical to Showcase A New Range of Inkjet inks for Textile Printing at FESPA Digital 2016
SPG Prints Introduces New Range of Sublimation Inks with Wider Color Range
Splashjet Launches Newly Formulated High Yield Inks for HP Ink Tank System Printers
Fujifilm to Showcase Reference Models of Pigmenet Ink for Water-Based Inkjet Ink Used in Flexible Packaging at drupa 2016
Ricoh Introduces new Eco-Friendly AR Latex Inks at FESPA 2016
Flint Group Launches PremoFilm SXS/2 Water-Based Inks in EMEA for Printing on Film
Sun Chemical Adds New Products to its Range of Streamline Solvent-Based Inkjet Inks for North American Market
Sun Chemical Launches Nanosilver Ink Offerings for Inkjet Systems with EMD5800
Kiian Digital to Launch New Series of Industrial Inks
Toyo Ink Arets Expands UV Flexo Ink Lineup for Food Labels and Enhanced Safety
Sun Chemical Strengthens Streamline Inkjet Inks Range for North America with New Low Odor Inks
Flint Group Introduces New Low-Migration Inks
Flint Group Introduces UV Flexo Ink for Food Labels
Flint Group Introduces OmniLam F and OmniLam G Ink Systems
Flint Group Introduces PremoCup Packaging Flexo Inks for North American Paper Cups Market
Earthinks Introduces New Gravure Inks And Coatings
Nazdar Showcases New Ink solutions at FESPA 2015
Canon to Unveil & Launch New UV Curable Ink at Fespa
Sun Chemical to Unveil New Inks for Industrial & Screen Printing at FESPA 2015
Sun Chemical Launches Streamline OEM-Compatible Digital Aftermarket Inks to North America

Siegwerk Druckfarben to Acquire Tupahue Tintas
Siegwerk Druckfarben to Purchase Van Son Liquids
Vivid Ink Graphics to Takeover IPC Printing
PolyOne Snaps Up Rutland Holding Company
Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge to Acquire Printing Ink Resin Business of Resinall Europe
hubergroup Acquires Alden & Ott
Siegwerk to Acquire Hi-Tech Products
Toyo Ink Signs Licensing Agreement with Doneck
Talga Resources Inks a Joint Development Agreement with Zinergy UK
Flint Group Acquires Printec Industries
Epple Druckfarben Enters into Agreements with Pulse Printing, Quermia Graphics and Coloro
SAKATA INX Acquires Creative Industria e Comercio
DIC to Expand Production Capacity of Water-Based Flexo Inks
KBA Sheetfed Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Flint Group
Siegwerk Inaugurates INKube Packaging Ink Solution Center in Shanghai
Flint Group Acquires Druckfarben in the UK
Kao Concludes an Agreement to Take Over of Chimigraf Holding, S.L Business in Europe
Kao Concludes an Agreement to Take OverCollins Inkjet Corporation
Toyo Ink Chosen as Preferred Supplier of UV Ink to KBA-Sheetfed
Siegwerk Chosen as Komori's European Supplier of K-Supply Ink for its H-UV system
Flint Group Acquires American Inks and Coatings (AIC) in North America
Sun Chemical Snaps Up Flexo Inks Business of Canada's Colmar Inks
Siegwerk Snaps Up ACTEGA Colorchemie from ALTANA Group
Environmental Inks Announces Rebranding to Siegwerk Environmental Inks
Toyo Ink Finalizes Acquisition of 75% of Shares of DYO Printing Inks
Sun Chemical Launches New Streamline Ultima HPQ Low Odour Alternative Solvent-Based Inkjet Ink
DIC Group to Establish New Liquid Inks Facility for Packaging Production in Indonesia
Sun Chemical to Acquire Colmar Inks Corporation
Siegwerk Environmental Ink Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Siegwerk Druckfarben Starts a Subsidiary in the Netherlands
IIMAK Snaps Up Talon Industries
Flint Group Acquires Xeikon & Establishes New Digital Printing Solutions Division
JK Group Agrees to be Acquired by Dover Corporation
Fujifilm Gains Nordic Ecolabel Certification for Wide Format Uvijet UV Inks
Flint Group Establishes Joint Venture with Continental Printing Inks & Eagle Ink Systems in South Africa
IIMAK Snaps Up American Ink Jet Corporation
Epson Italia Acquires For.Tex S.R.L.
Toyo Ink SC Holdings Merges Toyo Ink Chemicals Taiwan & Toyo Ink Taiwan Co. Ltd



Total Companies Profiled: 171 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 199)

  • The United States (54)
  • Canada (3)
  • Japan (12)
  • Europe (91)
    • France (6)
    • Germany (19)
    • The United Kingdom (25)
    • Italy (16)
    • Spain (4)
    • Rest of Europe (21)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (34)
  • Latin America (3)
  • Africa (2)

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