Interset UEBA and CrowdStrike Partner to Advance Endpoint Protection

Customers can now find and remediate external and insider threats faster and more effectively

OTTAWA, Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interset, a security analytics company that uncovers insider threats, has announced a partnership with cloud-based endpoint protection leader CrowdStrike to help businesses find difficult-to-detect threats through user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA). Customers benefit from leveraging Interset’s AI-enabled UEBA and rich data from their CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to detect even the most sophisticated threats.

Interset UEBA for CrowdStrike, a new service offering, analyzes CrowdStrike endpoint data to detect behavioral “clues” that indicate data exfiltration, compromised accounts, internal reconnaissance, lateral movement and more. Once a threat is identified, the lead can be passed on to the CrowdStrike Overwatch™ threat hunting team for further investigation.

“Together, Interset UEBA and CrowdStrike enable customers to see their endpoint data in a new light, painting a clearer picture of how users are behaving inside their organization,” says Matthew Polly, vice president of Worldwide Business Development and Channels at CrowdStrike. “With enriched behavioral context, SOC teams can quickly and easily pinpoint behaviors like unusual login patterns, sudden or anomalous system activity, or abnormal process activity that could indicate serious threats—before serious damage is done.”

“CrowdStrike’s endpoint data is extremely rich and incredibly detailed—a virtual treasure trove of valuable clues that can indicate a threat or actor is hiding inside of your business,” says Mark Smialowicz, chief executive officer at Interset. “Interset and CrowdStrike together give businesses an unparalleled combination of rich data and a unique analytical lens to protect high-value information from insider threats, both accidental and intentional.”

Interset UEBA for CrowdStrike has already surfaced hidden threats in record time for a major hospitality website. “In just a matter of days, Interset leveraged CrowdStrike's rich database, which processes 1 trillion endpoint events per week, and uncovered unusual, early-stage behavioral anomalies caused by red team attacks,” says the company’s chief information security officer. “Interset UEBA working with CrowdStrike produced valuable threat leads regarding a significant attack, allowing us to identify key characteristics of the attack, such as the attack tool (CrackMapExe), the IP addresses used to stage the attack, and more.”

Interset UEBA for CrowdStrike is available now.

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