Low Cost Digital Platform Democratises Investing

LONDON, Feb. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- Presenting at the Finovate Europe conference this week in London is financial disruptor CybiWealth, whose new digital investment platform aims to democratise investing by enabling young and first-time investors to buy direct shares in global companies at extremely low costs.

Scott Cooper, CEO of CybiWealth, explains that the company seeks to create greater access to investing for young professionals, entrepreneurs and new investors who may lack the funds and expertise needed to select and buy high-quality shares on stock exchanges.

“Our solution offers these investors the chance to buy a managed international share portfolio that features market leading companies with household names such as Coca-Cola, Colgate and L’Oréal. But whereas other similar share portfolios often require a minimum investment in the region of £25,000, investors in CybiWealth only need £500 to get started,” he says.

CybiWealth’s approach also means that unlike mutual funds, the investors themselves are made the beneficial owners of the shares; with many preferring to hold shares in their own name rather than investing indirectly through funds.

“The use of the digital platform also means that we’ve been able to strip out investment fees such as administration fees, or entry or exit fees, and simplify the fee structure, so investors know upfront exactly what is being charged and why.”

CybiWealth charges an annual management fee of just 0.75%.

Reconnecting investors with their money

Further differentiating itself from other types of investments such as ETFs or mutual funds, CybiWealth’s share portfolio is far more concentrated, featuring around 20 companies, and is carefully curated and managed by FIM Capital, an experienced investment management company based in the Isle of Man.

“We want to make the investment process simpler and more transparent, and for investors to feel connected to their money. This means knowing exactly what they are invested in – something that is often missing from other types of portfolios which may be invested in hundreds of stocks,” says Scott.

Investors also receive ongoing feedback on their investment via the app and website, including portfolio updates, company news, dividend notifications and market commentary, and are able to invest via debit and credit card through the app.

CybiWealth offers investors the benefit of reliable outcomes and diversification against risk.

“Each company in our portfolio is considered a market leader in its field, like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or even Honeywell in the tech space. All have global distribution networks and sell hundreds or thousands of products all around the world,” added Scott. “We like the diversification that these multinationals afford as protection against changing economic conditions, and these are all companies with proven track-records built over many years, so we believe that they will do very well in helping our investors build their wealth over time.”


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About CybiWealth

CybiWealth is an online investment platform that facilitates the simple, easy and cost-effective investment in direct shareholdings in a high-quality offshore share portfolio. Portfolio management and regulatory compliance is provided by FIM Capital in the Isle of Man (licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).  Marriott Asset Management has a contractual agreement with FIM Capital to distribute CybiWealth in South Africa.

Visit https://www.cybiwealth.com for more information.


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