Krypti™ and Securrency™ Partner on Cybersecurity for Financial Industry

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Krypti is pleased to announce its new partnership with Securrency Inc., a technology and infrastructure company with end-to-end digital assets protocols for primary and secondary market offerings. Krypti’s industry-leading cybersecurity software, MicroToken Exchange® (MTE), will be integrated into Securrency platforms and infrastructure. Securrency has also strategically partnered with Krypti as a global distributor of the KryptiWallet™. Security has taken the main stage within the financial sector, and that attention has escalated into the spotlight when it involves blockchain within the world of digital assets.

Securrency enables regulated financial institutions’ transition to a digitized and distributed future of finance, providing secure, efficient and regulatory-compliant ways to create issue, trade and transfer mainstream financial assets across networks and platforms. With the integration and security provided by Krypti, Securrency is reinforcing its commitment to security and the protection of value in the financial networks. The powerful combination of Securrency’s state-of-the-art financial technology stack and Krypti’s leading-edge Security protocol, storage, and wallet technology will enhance global access to capital and reduce market friction by delivering simple-to-use and highly-secure technologies that protect value and enable transparency through its cutting-edge compliance framework. With the addition of the KryptiWallet, Securrency’s package is complete.

The KryptiWallet offers more than a traditional online storage for private blockchain keys for cryptocurrencies. It also stores blockchain private key protecting any blockchain asset including confidential security documents, medical files, passports, drivers’ licenses and most any other type of Digital asset. The KryptiWallet utilizes patented MTE security to protect data during transmission and stores all data in the Krypti Digital Vault, which is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified for financial data storage and is HIPAA compliant. Its ability to secure commands to intelligent, connected devices is unlike encryption protocols. From the moment a personal device is registered, every movement of data is protected, including authentication into and out of the wallet.

“Our strategic partnership with Krypti will greatly advance security to an unprecedented level,” says Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency. “We’re excited to offer our customers the protection that Krypti’s technology now provides. It’s a game changer for the entire blockchain, crypto, and financial industries. MTE technology sets the bar when it comes to protecting sensitive data in and around blockchain.”

Anthony Bufinsky, Director of Institutional Sales and Special Projects at Securrency, adds “We are extremely pleased to add the KryptiWallet, as well as MicroToken Exchange technologies,  into our full suite of services to enable issuers and investors with critical tools to support the overall security of smart digital securities. We are confident that these stakeholders will find the KryptiWallet, with its unmatched security and functionality, to be the best option available to an end user. We anticipate tremendous growth in this space in 2019 and increasing exponentially thereafter, so the prospect that millions of KryptiWallets being deployed through our partnership are very tangible. Given the significant recurring revenue that this will generate for both Krypti and Securrency, we are understandably very excited about this partnership.”

“Whether the financial sector is protecting financial transactions, stabilizing the market by protecting assets or securing data within blockchains, security is an absolute necessity today,” says Steven Russo, Executive Vice President at Krypti. “The digital assets space cannot flourish without it. Our partnership with Securrency creates a new paradigm, advancing blockchain ecosystems to levels never before possible.”

About Krypti
Krypti’s industry-leading disruptive cybersecurity software replaces user data with MicroToken Exchange®, (MTE) to provide the highest level of data privacy available. With MTE technology, “real data” is never exposed when transmitted or while stored on servers and remote devices.

Applications range from secure command and control, including Internet of Things (IoT), to secure storage and retrieval of sensitive data, such as credit card information, healthcare records, and blockchain applications. MTE technology is actively consumed within the market today, and customers are already utilizing MTE technology. Additionally, there are multiple government agencies currently testing MicroToken Exchange software for military applications. Krypti intends to have its’ footprint in Washington DC, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Colorado Springs, and Boston.

About Securrency
Founded in 2015, Securrency enables regulated financial institutions’ transition to a digitized and distributed future of finance, providing secure, efficient, and regulatory-compliant ways to create, issue, track, and transfer mainstream financial assets across networks and platforms. It is comprised of more than 80 full-time professionals, with offices in Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and footprints in London, Dubai, New York, and Southern California.

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Veronica Welch