AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On February 7, 2019 Redeem Acquisitions LLC, a Texas-based real estate services and solutions company, closed escrow and completed the purchase of Space Colony Apartments, which it plans to rebrand as Redemption Square. The property title was taken in the name of Redeem - 202 Cole Street LLC, a Nevada domiciled LLC, which is a subsidiary of Redeem Acquisitions LLC. 

The Redemption Square apartment complex is located in the Webster/Clear Lake/Bay Area sub-market of Houston Texas. The purchase price was $2.328 million under a 70/30 debt to equity capital structure. 70% of the funds came through bank financing and 30% of the funds came by way of a 506 Regulation D equity offering.

While the cash on cash return to the equity investors is projected to be 11.81% with an internal rate of return of 16.91%, the overall projected return is nearly 200% (~2x Equity Multiple). The interest rate on the debt portion is 5.15%.

The managing partner of Redeem Acquisitions is Christian Catron. A graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point who also holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas-Austin, was very aggressive in completing the Redemption Square purchase. He strongly emphasized the financial merits of the deal, which compelled him to pursue the property without delay after being presented the off-market opportunity through one of his Commercial Real Estate Broker relationships. Through a relationship with a Commercial Mortgage broker, he was able to secure favorable debt financing, bolstering the returns for the equity investors. In a recent interview he stated that, “The opportunity to achieve capital preservation, cashflow, capital growth, tax benefits, and leverage all in one deal is exceptionally attractive and offers a rare opportunity for investors.” Of particular interest was another comment made by Mr. Catron: “While I’m very excited about the returns we’ll be able to produce for our investors, I’m just as excited about creating clean, safe, and affordable housing to this community as well as hundreds like it in need of such living conditions.” He also indicated that his company is actively seeking additional properties similar in nature—albeit on a larger scale—to add to their ever growing portfolio. 

Mr. Catron was highly confident about being able to make these additional acquisitions going forward. His confidence was based on his company’s participation in a highly effective new business ecosystem that is designed to continuously drive capital towards issuers such as Redeem Acquisitions while at the same time help expand the revenue base of participating financial professionals. The new business ecosystem is being administered by Vantage Advisors, a boutique firm headquartered in Florida.

The principal of Vantage Advisors, Warrick Norman, was very pleased to say, “this was a landmark occasion for our alternative concept of new business creation.” He went on to say, “It is an illustration of how a business owner that would normally be near impossible to reach due to a series of gate keepers, constraints, and circumstances is now ready, willing, and able to do business with financial agents participating in our New Business Ecosystem. This is a great situation where objectives among participants are all perfectly aligned. When the ecosystem works financial reps get to write more business, money managers get to collect more assets, investment banks generate more underwriting fees and trading commissions, and more importantly companies that need and deserve capital injections now have a functional and viable funding source. We at Vantage Advisors are very proud to be putting the full weight of our influence behind the projects headed up by Mr. Catron and his Redeem Team.”     

A word about The New Business Ecosystem NBE

The NBE is a collection of registered securities reps, insurance agents, money managers, and investment banks all acting in a coordinated fashion. The aim is to continuously generate capital for worthy corporate issuers while at the same time stimulate a constant flow of new business for various participating financial professionals. The Vantage Advisors NBE is designed to help finance those that are looking to start, buy, merge, expand, or sell any legally functioning business enterprise.  

A word about Redeem Acquisitions LLC

Redeem Acquisitions LLC is a Texas based real estate investment and development company headed up by husband and wife team, Christian and Naiomi Catron and their business partner, Darcy LaVeau.

The company specializes in value-add commercial multifamily real estate. The company’s foot print has grown from single family and condo investments to multi unit transactions, with large scale development projects to be added in the future. They seek out income generating properties with strong financial profiles in economically vibrant areas of the country with the goal of increasing the amount of clean, safe, and affordable housing for the community.

Christian and Naiomi’s real estate careers go back as far as 1999. They have since formed Redeem Realty Solutions, LLC a very successful Austin, TX based real estate solutions company focused on residential redevelopment.  Redeem Realty Solutions looks to purchase under priced properties in healthy neighborhoods, in need of repairs, make the repairs, and market those properties to qualified buyers at fair market value.

The mission of both their residential and commercial multifamily business as stated by Mr. Catron is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living through the improvement of the overall quality of housing for residents.

For more information on Redeem Acquisitions, LLC and related activities direct inquiries to Christian Catron 512- 269-0041 or send email to

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