IMburse AG Demonstrates Insurer-Focused Payments as a Service (PaaS) Platform at Finovate’s European Conference

Leading-edge platform significantly reduces IT costs, enhances efficiency and enables more customer-centric products


LONDON, Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- IMburse AG, a payments and IT disruptor providing a "payments as a service" (PaaS) platform that makes it easier for insurers to integrate payment technologies into their legacy IT systems, today announces its demonstration delivered at the Finovate Europe conference this week in London.

Oliver Werneyer, CEO of IMburse AG, explains that the company seeks to help insurers reduce IT costs by up to 80%, significantly enhance process efficiency, launch more engaging and transaction-oriented products, and get closer to their customers. A key area of focus is on payments technologies since they impact IT systems, IT resources, finance processes, finance systems and front-end systems.

“Incumbent insurers, especially those operating in multiple markets, struggle to keep pace with the developments in the payments space. Customers' expectations around how to pay or be paid is evolving rapidly and changing every year. It is extremely difficult and costly for insurers to turn around so many integrations to keep pace with payment technology developments and rising customer expectations. They need a solution, and our Imburse platform is the best solution,” he says.

Expectations from shareholders place further pressure on insurers to reduce costs, optimize processes, and better utilize existing resources. For large insurers, especially those operating in multiple markets and for many years, the amount of inefficient processes and cost-saving opportunities is massive.

Insurers only need to connect to Imburse's "Payments as a Service" (PaaS) platform to be able to collect or pay out any amount, in any country, via any technology.

Imburse cares about consumers as well as insurers

The major differentiator between Imburse and payment aggregators is that Imburse looks at payments as a whole. "To achieve significant savings and unlock new business potential with consumers, a solution needs to address and solve challenges holistically and genuinely. We do this by creating a win-win market for insurers and payments companies. By letting payments-oriented companies build good products that they sell to insurers and then make it easy to access these technologies without major IT development or high costs, we are helping the consumer benefit through better products, better user experience as well as lower premiums," says Oliver.

Insurers are also solving internal challenges, such as travel expense reimbursements, multi cost-centre settlements, accounts payable, accounts receivable and employee benefit.

About IMburse AG

Imburse is a cloud-based "payment as a service" platform that makes it simple for companies with complex IT systems to connect to all the payment technologies out there. This helps clients significantly reduce IT costs, enhance finance process efficiency and build more customer centric products. IMburse AG is a Swiss company operating throughout Europe within the insurance and banking industry.

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