Rejuvenate Reverses Muscle Loss From Aging Without Exercise

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BURLINGTON, Ontario, Feb. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Middle-aged adults are failing in the fight against frailty. Health officials say age-related muscle and strength loss, or sarcopenia, will affect every man and woman who is not proactively working to prevent it, and what’s worse, it will waste away half your life. While exercise has been the standard, recommended intervention choice for sarcopenia, studies show there are too many variables with exercise intensity and duration making it difficult to prescribe a template program that will work for everyone. Element Nutrition, Inc., has launched a new, patented muscle health and repair supplement called Rejuvenate that has been in development for the past 17 years and now has 25 peer reviewed published studies to demonstrate its efficacy. Studies from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center show a single serving of Rejuvenate increases the body’s ability to rebuild and repair muscle by 57 percent with noticeable muscle mass improvement within 30 days. It’s the first muscle health supplement of its kind.

“Muscle deterioration is becoming a worldwide epidemic that’s pushing forward timelines on preventable disease states and causing otherwise healthy adults to lose their independence,” said Stuart Lowther, founder of Element Nutrition, who has a proven track record of success with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research and development. “We’ve been working on developing a low-cost nutritional supplement with one of the world’s leading researchers in protein and amino acid nutrition and now have a solution to this health crisis that can easily help prevent muscle loss and rebuild muscle, even if exercise is not an option. Rejuvenate is the first supplement of its kind to generate positive muscle response without exercise and when used with exercise, doubles its ability to rebuild and repair muscle.”

In one clinical study published by the Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, Rejuvenate increased the strength of knee and hip replacement patients, post-surgery, by 800 percent.  In another study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, patients on bed rest gained muscle with Rejuvenate compared to those who experienced muscle loss who were not taking the supplement. 

Health experts consider sarcopenia to be for muscle what osteoporosis is to bone and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes it as a distinct medical condition affecting 111 million Americans age 50 and older. Those numbers are projected to increase to 127 million by 2027. Sarcopenia is an age-related loss of muscle mass that can begin as early as age 40 because the body’s ability to process protein dramatically slows down. After the age of 60, muscle mass declines at an annual rate of 1.5-3 percent per year. Fifty percent of adults aged 80 and above have sarcopenia. What’s more frightening is, the current diagnosis rate of sarcopenia may not reflect reality as a large number of people ignore the symptoms of muscle loss.

“After age 40 the body has a much tougher time rebuilding muscle with resistance training and processing protein for muscle gain.  Rejuvenate is the first supplement that really addresses reversing this age-related muscle decline and allows your body to rejuvenate back to your younger self so that when you exercise or intake protein it’s rebuilding and repairing muscle like you’re in your 20s or 30s,” said Lowther, who holds an honors degree in nutritional sciences and master’s degree in nutrition and human metabolism, leading an active lifestyle himself, having completed numerous triathlons as well as two 70.3 Ironman triathlon and successfully climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. “It’s a downward spiral once you lose your independence due to injury and muscle loss. We have to fix the frailty issue and starting with how the body rebuilds and repairs muscle is the way to do it. Resistance training alone is not working; Rejuvenate is the answer.”

Rejuvenate comes in pouches and the powder can be mixed with regular water. It’s recommended to take one, 8-ounce glass of Rejuvenate every morning.  Each serving contains only 5 calories, is low in fat and contains zero sugar, dairy or gluten.  Rejuvenate is available at major retailers and Suggested retail price is $49.99 for a one-month supply, equivalent to about $1.50 per day.

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