Odyssey Moon Extends Its Heartfelt Congratulations to SpaceIL for the Successful Launch of the First Non-Governmental Spacecraft to the Moon


HOUSTON and DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The principals of Odyssey Moon, the first team to enter the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) challenge, extend their heartfelt congratulations to SpaceIL and their supporters on the historic mission to the Moon.

Former chairman of Odyssey Moon Ltd. Ramin Khadem said, "We applaud the unprecedented achievement of a privately funded team tackling the challenges of sending a spacecraft to the moon and using the platform to inspire the next generation. Space is literally rocket science, and taking that giant leap to the Moon is one of the most challenging technical feats.  It takes the sum total of all our knowledge and abilities to manage technical, operational and business risks like no other venture on Earth.  SpaceIL is about to go where no other privately funded organization has gone before with their first lunar landing. We are with them every step of the way.” 

It is a source of great pride to the Odyssey Moon team to witness this accomplishment by the program Odyssey Moon teamed with in 2012.

A point was reached in the development at Odyssey Moon when the company had a unique opportunity to step back and choose which of its competitors it would team with in the new race to the Moon. The principals of Odyssey Moon unanimously chose to align with SpaceIL. In the original teaming announcement Odyssey Moon indicated SpaceIL, “...has a tremendously high probability of achieving one of the greatest space challenges of our time: the landing of a private, non-governmental lander on the Moon.” Hence our sheer delight to see SpaceIL’s achievement to date. It is particularly exciting that this extraordinary feet coincides with the 50th anniversary of humankind landing on the Moon.

The key visionaries of Odyssey Moon were Ramin Khadem, former Chairman of Odyssey Moon, and current Board Member of the John Templeton Foundation, Michael Potter, Founder of Geeks Without Frontiers, Chris Stott, CEO of ManSat, Carol Goldstein, Financial Advisor, Richard Denny, Satellite Communications Expert, Christian Sallaberger, CEO of Canadensys Aerospace, and Jay Honeycutt, former NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Center Director. Both Odyssey Moon and the SpaceIL teams have their roots in the International Space University (ISU).

In 2014 Odyssey Moon Ltd. announced that as part of a larger international acquisition that it had been purchased by Space Services Holdings, Inc. of Houston. “When Space Services conducted the first private launch into space more than 35 years ago, we envisioned a day when private ventures would explore the cosmos,” said Charles M. Chafer, CEO.  “With the launch of SpaceIL’s mission to the moon, that day is today.  Congratulations on reaching the launch pad and fair winds on your journey of purpose!” Chris Stott, from the Odyssey Moon team added, “SpaceIL are opening the High Frontier for all humankind.  The team from the ‘start up’ nation is leading the way, and let’s just say you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

About Space Services Holdings, Inc.

Space Services Holdings, Inc. (SSHI) is a pioneer of the commercial space age with diverse enterprises including Celestis, Inc. and Sentinel Satellite, Inc.  SSHI is the heritage company of Space Services Inc. of America, the company that – under the direction of then President Donald K. “Deke” Slayton – launched the Conestoga 1 in 1982, the first private launch in history to successfully reach outer space.  Today SSHI (www.spaceservicesinc.com) has launched more than 15 commercial space missions for a variety of customers including individuals, aerospace companies and national space agencies.

About Odyssey Moon Ltd.

Odyssey Moon Ltd. was the first official contender for the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. Originally formed as a multinational corporation, Odyssey Moon was headquartered on the Isle of Man. The project was created to capitalize on commercial opportunities created by renewed interests in exploring the Moon.


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