Rank Software Expands Threat Hunting Support With Key Cloud Services Vendors

Google G-Suite, Office 365, and Okta users to benefit from AI-based Security and Threat Intelligence

TORONTO, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RANK Software, a provider of AI-based security analytics and threat intelligence, today announced support for Google, Microsoft and Okta to extend RANK’s Virtual Assistant to Security Analysts (VASA) Platform to enterprise users of cloud services, including G-Suite, Office 365 and the Okta Identity Cloud.

VASA helps identify and prevent security threats by ingesting data from network sources and end points in real-time and identifying anomalies for security analysts to review. VASA addresses the challenges of identifying internal and unknown threats commonly missed today by perimeter defense systems. 

Today, network security measures are limited to enterprise owned networks and devices. Third party cloud services may not incorporate proactive threat hunting capabilities. As businesses increasingly depend on cloud services, this increases the attack surface area and represents new points of exposure for malicious threats. VASA can help identify these threats to cloud services in real-time before attacks are made on the networks.

For example, VASA can detect if cloud services are being signed into from different locations at the same time, reading too many files too fast, or attempting to sign into applications not regularly accessed. Additionally, VASA can identify if excessive failures of a specific service are an actual threat or a misconfiguration issue.

“The growing number of cloud services that companies use to run their businesses has blurred the lines that define the enterprise network,” said Rick Costanzo, CEO of RANK Software. “Whether it’s the enterprise network or a cloud service, RANK helps to ensure our advanced threat protection applies to both internal and external services.”

Specific points of differentiation for RANK include:

  • Batch Analytics Are Too Little Too Late. RANK Software allows for timely investigation and response which are critical to real time threat hunting. This is enabled by real-time asset mapping and data enrichment; the ability to execute custom & pre-configured hunts with Sigma and Mitre Att@ck Frameworks; along with better visualization that provides a single window to glean detailed context.

  • Context is King. RANK correlates network traffic and endpoint data to provide complete visibility. VASA uses a highly scalable event processing framework at greater than 10 GB per second. Data is enriched in real-time from across your network to help reduce the risk of false positives.

  • Better Data Fidelity is a Must. Summarized data lacks the value necessary for effective threat hunting. VASA ingests RAW, streaming data, does not duplicate data and involves no extra data storage costs.

RANK Software at RSA 2019

Visit RANK Software at RSA from March 4th- 8th to learn more about the VASA Platform and support for cloud services vendors. South Expo, Moscone Center, Ontario, Canada Pavilion #1953

About RANK Software

RANK Software is a leader in security intelligence and analytics. The company’s first product, VASA, is an AI-based threat detection platform that helps enterprises identify and analyze cybersecurity threats in real time, allowing them to take a proactive security posture in the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. For more information, please visit www.ranksoftwareinc.com.

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