Kuebix Provides Solution for the Truckload Capacity Crisis

FleetMAX Matches Private Fleet Empty Backhauls with Shipment Opportunities

MAYNARD, Mass., Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system that delivers true freight intelligence, introduces FleetMAX, a program designed to fill the empty backhauls of private fleets and offer much needed truckload capacity to the marketplace. Fleet owners can now eliminate empty miles and generate additional profit by making backhaul fleet capacity available to Kuebix’s vast community of shippers and brokers.

In the industry right now, there are 10 orders to ship for every available truck, however a large portion of private fleets are running their assets with a significant amount of empty backhaul miles. Fleet managers often do not have the time to manually find available freight and manage the financials, not to mention incurring the potential risk associated with unqualified shippers. Similar risks exist from a shipper/broker perspective when trusting their freight with an unknown provider. Although the cost may be attractive, the risk often outweighs any benefits that might be gained. 

“The idea of filling fleet backhauls is not a new concept, but a tremendous number of trucks run empty due to the challenges of filling backhaul capacity,” said Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and President. “FleetMAX has solved these problems for all parties by removing the risk and administrative barriers for the private fleets, and making it easy for brokers and shippers to access a giant network of fleet capacity through Estes Truckload Management, a brand they know and trust.”

FleetMAX leverages a unique relationship with Estes Truckload Management LLC. A major obstacle in the success of filling fleet backhauls is the administration of charging the shipper and collecting the funds. With FleetMAX, all of the financials and settlements are managed through Estes Truckload Management, relieving private fleets of these administrative challenges. For brokers and shippers, FleetMAX offers untapped fleet capacity delivered through technology at attractive prices via a single provider, Estes Truckload Management, one of the most trusted names in the industry.

“FleetMAX solves two significant industry issues – filling empty fleet backhauls and the capacity crisis,” commented Bobby Speight, Corporate Vice President, Estes Level2 Logistics, and Manager, Estes Truckload Management LLC. “The combination of Kuebix and Estes Truckload Management has created a program that benefits all parties. FleetMAX helps fleet owners fill backhaul and increase revenue, and provides much-needed truckload capacity to the market.”

With FleetMAX, Kuebix’s technology digitally matches fleet capacity with freight to obtain consistent and repetitive external backhauls to offset empty miles, add revenue to fleet operations, and provide shippers/brokers a new source of trusted capacity.

“Finding new or untapped sources of capacity is a priority for many shippers, especially after the challenges they faced in 2018,” said Adrian Gonzalez, industry analyst and President of Adelante SCM. “According to the National Private Truck Council, 26 percent of empty miles are available for backhauls, with 42 percent of those empty miles available 'for sale' to others. However, matching this available capacity with available loads, and managing the execution and financial transactions, has always been a challenge. This relationship between Kuebix and Estes Truckload Management aims to remove these barriers and create a win for all parties.”

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