Cold off the press! Culinary Depot Unveils Revolutionary Commercial Sabbath Fridge

The first yield of the Culinary Depot-Traulsen partnership hits the market in form of a commercial refrigerator lineup with native time-based Sabbath mode

MONSEY, N.Y., Feb. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Culinary Depot has long been synonymous with marquee kitchen projects and globally sourced commercial appliances. Now, the company is proud to announce a paradigm shifting partnership with Traulsen, the legendary workhorse of American innovation.

This is the story of a standard-setting supplier teaming up with “The Gold Standard of Refrigeration”. One of many slated breakthroughs is the first-ever commercial refrigerator featuring a factory-installed, automatic, time-based Sabbath Mode. While other appliances like ovens, warming drawers, and residential refrigerators have for years been offered with a Sabbath Mode feature, the market has never seen it in commercial refrigerators before.

Shabbos Friendly Equipment

Revolution at a glance:

  • Internal clocks auto-initiate Sabbath Mode at 2pm on Fridays (Prior to earliest zman)
  • Sabbath Mode auto-shuts at 10pm on Saturdays (Past latest zman)
  • Electronic display and in-fridge lighting system remain off while in Sabbath mode
  • Evaporator does not react to door movement while in Sabbath mode
  • Unit remains in Sabbath Mode even when starting up after power outage
  • Manual activation/deactivation is perfect for holidays and overrides

No one but the nation’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen appliances could bring such a product line to market. To ensure all halachic t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, Culinary Depot assembled an expansive rabbinic panel composed of verified experts in the use implications of such machinery. Following months of research and development, the CRC, the Orthodox Union, and Rabbi Tzvi Ortner have all affixed their unequivocal approval to these refrigerators for use on Sabbath and Chag.


This new certification joins the ranks of other Culinary Depot originals, including the Vulcan oven and Metro warmer, which have been developed with a Sabbath mode to preempt issues of bishul akum.

The full lineup of Traulsen Sabbath Mode commercial refrigeration units is now available exclusively through Culinary Depot—just in time for pre-winter upgrades. All required spec tweaks can also be applied to any Traulsen G-Series “dealer's choice” refrigerator or freezer at no extra cost, promising swift and broad adoption of these new technologies in kosher kitchens everywhere.

With this, Culinary Depot is reasserting the best-known truth in the industry: There is only one destination for a Sabbath-compliant commercial kitchen—or just about any type of custom kitchen imaginable.

A living sample of the Sabbath Mode commercial refrigerator will command the display at

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Moshe Potash
Culinary Depot