Startup Unveils Innovative Solution for Relief of Chronic Knee Pain

NuNee Signs Endorsement Deal with Pro Football Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas; Invention Helps People of All Ages and Abilities Remain Active

Rochester, New York, UNITED STATES

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For Thurman Thomas, the ability to run again, without knee pain, was the deciding factor in his endorsement of NuNee™. Knee pain was something Thurman dealt with throughout his career as a professional running back. It also afflicts up to 25 percent of the general population. With NuNee, Thurman is now enjoying life after football, pain-free. Designed to provide relief from one of the most common causes of knee pain, NuNee is helping people of all ages and abilities continue to enjoy active lifestyles.

NuNee—a knee support designed specifically to treat Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)—is different from typical knee supports that apply compression to treat the condition. NuNee uses a patent pending method to relieve pressure on the underside of the patella (knee cap), a known source of the pain. NuNee is non-invasive, drug free, and can offer immediate relief for even the most severe cases. 

PFPS, also known as Runner’s Knee, is not just a problem for runners. It’s the most common knee disorder treated in orthopedics. PFPS accounts for up to 40 percent of knee complaints in sports medicine clinics. The medical community considers it the “The Black Hole of Orthopedics” because protocols for treatment have failed to provide consistent positive results. Anyone can develop PFPS. It is more likely to occur in females and athletes that participate in sports with frequent running, jumping, or squatting. Others may experience PFPS while walking, kneeling, climbing stairs, or sitting for extended periods of time. (Sources:Sports Health, May/June 2013 and 
Thurman Thomas is among those afflicted by PFPS. After a Hall of Fame career that spanned 13 years, he was sidelined from enjoying an active lifestyle until his use of NuNee. “I’ve used just about every brace on the market. NuNee is the first knee brace that actually solved my knee pain,” said Thomas.

Mike Emmerling, NuNee’s inventor, also suffers from PFPS. As a triathlete and active adult, Emmerling struggled with chronic knee pain for more than five years. He was advised by an orthopedic specialist to significantly reduce his activity. Determined to continue the lifestyle of running and cycling that he enjoys, he applied his engineering skills to come up with a solution.

“When my invention resolved my own knee pain, I knew it had the potential to help the millions of people who are also struggling to find relief. I feel a significant obligation to them,” said Emmerling.  With Thurman’s help, Emmerling hopes to help PFPS sufferers, while making the NuNee™ brand a household name.

After completing product trials from coast-to-coast, it’s clear NuNee has enormous potential. “I receive emails and messages of thanks from people almost daily. As an engineer who has spent my life finding simple solutions to complex problems, I never imagined that one would have the potential to help so many.”

Mike credits Upstate NY business incubators with helping to turn his invention into a strong business. “Starting a business was new to me. Launch NY and NextCorps have supported me with valuable resources, such as coaching, consultants, and access to funding that would otherwise be unaffordable for a startup.”

NuNee retails for $69.95 and can be purchased online at

Last May, the Buffalo Bills retired Thomas’ #34 jersey in honor of the running back. In 1999, he was named the NFL MVP and in 2007 was inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Terms of the endorsement deal were not disclosed.


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