TrueVault Launches Solution To Automate the Daily Grind of GDPR Compliance

New solution is the only product that automates the day-to-day compliance tasks of GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

SAN FRANCISCO, March 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrueVault, the first data security company completely focused on helping businesses protect personal data, launched today TrueVault Atlas, the only solution that is designed to introduce efficiency and give businesses confidence by automating critical GDPR tasks, such as fulfilling data subject requests and detecting data processing anomalies. TrueVault Atlas is an essential tool for any business that works with personal data.

TrueVault Atlas automates all aspects of data subject request processing and is the only data protection solution that has the intelligence and capability to link personal data across internal and external systems and recognize personal data in natural language. TrueVault Atlas is able to find stray payment information in Salesforce; locate personal data, such as names and phone numbers in any Google Drive document; and link personal data spanning multiple systems to the right data subject. Building on top of its powerful indexing engine, TrueVault Atlas also automates data deletion and data export procedures so companies can confidently respond to GDPR’s Data Subject Erasure Requests and Data Subject Access Requests.

TrueVault Atlas automatically detects and alerts when anomalies in data processing practices are discovered. TrueVault Atlas continuously scans all systems to find any data processing policy violations (e.g., bank transfer information sent via email), anomalies (e.g., payment information in Salesforce instead of Stripe), or inconsistencies with past actions (e.g., an erased data subject reappears due to an erroneous database restore). For businesses that use TrueVault Atlas, anomaly detection is continuous and automatic.

Personio is one of the first companies to preview TrueVault Atlas. "After seeing TrueVault Atlas in action, I believe it has high potential in improving our GDPR process and make it more efficient with its automated request handling and anomaly detection capabilities,” said Arseniy Vershinin, CTO at Personio.

Key features of TrueVault Atlas include:

  • Automatic Request Handling: Automated handling of Data Subject Erasure Requests and Data Subject Access Requests to ensure consistency and compliance, and saving companies up to 20 minutes per request.
  • Data Subject Profile: A complete picture of every data subject, including all name and email aliases. Never miss or incorrectly identify a data subject again.
  • Automatic Personal Data Discovery: Locate personal data in internal systems and in external SaaS; in structured databases and in natural language text.
  • Automatic Compliance Checks: Easily create rules in TrueVault Atlas and monitor whether the protocol is being followed. Get notified of any deviations from the rules in real-time.
  • Anomaly Detection and Warning: Continuously check for statistical anomalies in data processing or anomalies from past actions. Complete situational awareness without any manual audits.
  • Data Inventory: A real-time summary of all personal data types in use across all systems in the organization. Spot irregularities instantly.

TrueVault has a long track record of helping companies protect personal data. Originally focused on healthcare data and HIPAA compliance, in 2018 the company expanded its scope to cover GDPR and other personal data regulations with its new products.

“We recognized that growing companies were having a particularly hard time with GDPR compliance because they were forced to focus on compliance when their priority should be growth,” said Jason Wang, founder and CEO of TrueVault. “TrueVault Atlas is designed specifically to automate the day-to-day tasks of GDPR at those growth-stage companies, to improve efficiency and make sure they are always in compliance.”

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About TrueVault

TrueVault is the first data security company completely focused on helping businesses protect customers’ personal data. TrueVault Atlas simplifies compliance-related tasks, including fulfilling data subject requests and detecting anomalies in data processing practices. Companies increase their risk as they collect and store more personal data, but TrueVault products are designed to reduce liability. By using TrueVault Safe to decouple consumer identity from consumer behavior data, companies can virtually eliminate data security risks. TrueVault helps companies comply with strict regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act with our platform.  Learn more at or follow @TrueVault.

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