The Public Chain with the Most DApps Begins “On-chain Community Governance” in 2019

BEIJING, March 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During the 2018 cryptocurrency market when most projects failed to live up to expectations, Nebulas stayed true to their word and never forgot the initial vision they shared, and, as a result, have created a blockchain network that supports more deployed Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications than any other project - including the most popular blockchains, such as Ethereum. As of the publication date, the Nebulas network operates an astounding 6,800 DApps and 259,000 accounts on their mainnet, making Nebulas the public chain project with the most DApps.

In March, 2019, Nebulas will be celebrating its one year anniversary launch of its first mainnet version, Eagle Nebulas. They have recently released an updated, detailed roadmap on their website which carefully depicts their plan to move to the next step of their Autonomous Metanet development.

In the roadmap, Nebulas details their steps to move from a centrally focused development and management project to a decentralized project that relies on community collaboration where the whole system could finally achieve an “Autonomous” operation.

The first key moment in their roadmap is the launch of their highly anticipated upgraded mainnet “Nebulas NOVA” (on 2nd Apr 2019). With the new functionality of Nebulas NOVA, they will be equipped with powerful on-chain governance tools that emphasize more focus on collaboration with “lifeblood” of any public project - the community.

Based on their new roadmap, community members will soon see a new web portal on (the official website) titled “Go Nebulas.” Via this portal, community members will be able to participate in active projects and receive rewards for their participation. In addition, to fill the requirement of community collaboration, the governance structure of the project will be significantly adjusted. Soon, community members will be able to become part of the Nebulas “team” by joining the Nebulas Council or the Nebulas Technical Committee (which are currently comprised of Nebulas employees and respected researchers from universities).

Furthermore, Nebulas will be implementing one of its well-known pioneering ideas of on-chain, self-executing system upgrades this year and in addition, it will require active participation from the entire community. They will accomplish this through the powerful functionality of the Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE) in Nebulas NOVA. NBRE will allow the system to implement upgrades automatically without requiring node operators (known as miners in PoW ecosystem) to intervene and will also rely on the community to vote for and approve network updates.

By achieving this, the entire community will have a voice and will be able to decide when an upgrade is ready to go live on the network in a highly efficient manner. No single group, such as hardware node operators, developers or coin holders, have sole power to stop network improvements. As a result, once consensus is assured about a specific upgrade from the participating community, the upgrade will be autonomously implemented across all community controlled nodes instantaneously.

Nebulas is also putting a strong focus on further decentralizing the network. Currently, the Nebulas team controls all network nodes which assured stable operation and rapid upgrades. However, now that upgrades will be completed autonomously, Nebulas can release control of the network and in the near future, community members will be able to operate their own nodes and receive bookkeeping rewards for their dedication.

Of course, all this means that the community must work together - and not just to survive but to thrive!

Overall, this seems to be an important time for the Nebulas community and the project as a whole. It will be quite interesting to see how the community interacts with this new governance model and existing Nebulas team members. What Nebulas is creating may truly be a template for other community projects to model.

Good luck Nebulas.

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