NEW YORK, March 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kepler Group announced today that it has been named a Facebook Marketing Partner, reflecting the fact that its proprietary Kepler Intelligence Platform™ (KIP) integrates directly with Facebook® to enhance campaign design, launch, and optimization processes.

KIP is an automated marketing hub that helps Kepler and its clients achieve seamless and coordinated targeting, optimization and cross-channel coordination across the entire digital marketing ecosystem. With KIP’s integrated tools, Kepler’s teams are able to design and deploy precisely-targeted Facebook campaigns in a fraction of the time while simultaneously achieving up to 300% performance gains.

“Facebook and Instagram remain two of the most effective environments that brands have for engaging consumers, so achieving FMP status is a particular thrill for our services and engineering groups,” said Katie English, Kepler’s Head of Product. “This result, and the broader client impact we’ve been able to deliver on Facebook and Instagram, is a direct result of the proactive way our Facebook counterparts partner with us every day. We work with them hand in hand to drive continuous innovation, and look forward to launching another generation of tools in the coming months.”

Kepler’s proprietary Facebook toolkit automates a large portion of the tasks associated with campaign activation and optimization, performs dynamic daily spend management, and enables rules-based creative activation. Beyond Facebook, Kepler’s platform is integrated with major third-party platforms across digital media, email, call center, sales team CRM, and e-commerce.

Across all media sources, Kepler relationships are characterized by 100% budget and campaign transparency. Clients have full visibility on every detail regarding spend and fees, tactic design, and optimization.

About Kepler Group

Kepler, founded in 2012, provides advanced digital and database services to Fortune 500 clients in financial services, retail, healthcare and other industries. Its core services revolve around helping clients use data to power more dynamic and personalized marketing -- including digital media and advanced TV services, CRM strategy, and management and marketing systems integration. Utilizing its proprietary Kepler Intelligence Platform™, Kepler actively manages client programs in over three dozen countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in London, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Kepler is a member of kyu, a strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. Fellow member companies include: BEworksC2Digital KitchenHornall Anderson, IDEO, RedPeak Group, Sid Lee, and SYPartners

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