DETROIT, MI, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marygrove College is pleased to announce a bold new rebranding campaign that builds on the institution’s more than century-old legacy while also reflecting its shift to a new era. This news comes in the wake of last year’s historic P-20 partnership and the college’s transition into a graduate-level institution.

“Marygrove College has always embraced change,” says Marygrove College President Elizabeth Burns. “We built a new campus in the city of Detroit in 1927 and there we remain, despite suggestions that we relocate, merge, or close entirely. We educated women and people of color when it was ‘unsuitable’ and when too many Americans said that higher education wasn’t ready for integration. And in 2018, after 113 years of educating undergraduates, we adapted to a changing market by focusing on masters-level education. Our new look reflects this institution’s history of resilience marked by its willingness to change.”

The rebranding includes a new line of billboards and digital advertising and a redesign of the college’s iconic tower logo, which showcased the Gothic architecture prominent on campus, particularly that of the Liberal Arts Building.

The new logo design is a balance of traditional and new.  Those familiar with Marygrove’s history will immediately recognize the quatrefoil symbol, included to both reaffirm the institution’s Catholic roots and remind viewers of the holiness of Mary, Our Lady of Marygrove. New to the look is the sub-copy, “A Graduate School,” reflecting the college’s 2018 decision to focus exclusively on graduate-level education.

Billboards urging viewers to “Learn with a higher purpose,” harken back to the institution’s Gospel-inspired values, while others like “Never doubt an open mind,” “Change,” or “I can’t sit idly by” reflect Marygrove’s commitment to critical thinking, personal and professional growth, social justice, and compassionate leadership. Additional billboards highlight several of the college’s programs, including its master’s degrees in teaching, social justice, and human resource management.

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