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Enterprise Engineering, Inc. Expands into Open Banking Services

NEW YORK, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI), an industry leader and trusted advisor to the financial industry, today announces its Open Banking services offering. With the proliferation of digital banking APIs and capabilities, financial institutions are in a unique position to recognize tremendous growth opportunities through innovative customer products and services. In response, EEI has established a service offering that accelerates implementing APIs and security controls.

"Our goal is to help financial institutions differentiate themselves from competitors by offering revolutionary digital experiences with unparalleled time to market. Leveraging our team’s years of deep experience, we are able to make a difficult process frictionless and get our partners’ APIs to market quicker. This results in risk reduction and increased monetization opportunities for our partners," says Tim Klemmer, Head of Open Banking Services at EEI.

EEI has responded to the financial services community with its Open Banking services which enable rapid adoption and interoperability of new standards for the secure exchange of financial and customer data. As part of EEI’s program, API protocols, both standard and custom, are certified across a number of vectors including but not limited to data sharing, consumer permissioning, use case analysis, securitization & authentication practices.

EEI is a very active member of the financial services community and is a copyright holder of the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Consortium. EEI has been an active member of OFX, and the FS-ISAC consortiums and is now a member of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) consortium which recently launched the FDX API. We have extensive subject matter expertise on staff working with leading banks on OFX, FS-ISAC and FDX API enablement. Financial institutions that can quickly respond and adapt to these emerging Open Banking standards are well positioned to improve customer loyalty via innovative client products and services. For more information, including upcoming webinars, please contact EEI at

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EEI has been a trusted advisor to the financial services industry since 1995. We work with financial institutions and developers to securely and reliably connect people to their money through any-and-all delivery channels. EEI’s software runs every day, facilitating data access and transaction processing, aggregating data and accessing tens of millions of account records for major financial institutions without fail. Our goal is to continue to build leading-edge solutions that offer secure, competitive advantages to our customers. Among other industry recognition, EEI was recently named “50 Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers” by CIO Review and “Data Aggregation Firm of the Year” by Finance Monthly FinTech Awards Edition. We were also listed as one of the “50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year” by the Silicon Review. For more information, please visit

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