Enviroplast and Canada Fibers Form a Strategic Partnership to Recycle Plastic Film

ANJOU, Quebec and TORONTO, March 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enviroplast and Canada Fibers Ltd. (CFL) announced today that they are entering into an exclusive supply agreement to recover and recycle plastic film. The strategic partnership between the two industry leaders is a game changer as the requirement for more Canadian-based plastic recycling solutions has increased following the implementation of China’s National Sword policy in 2018 which banned imports of 24 types of waste material, including plastic film.

Anjou, Quebec based Enviroplast is an industry leader in the production of pure consistent low-density polyethylene (LDPE) recycled pellets, which are used as new raw material by plastic film makers. Toronto, Ontario based CFL is a leading provider of material recovery and recycling services using advanced technology to uniformly recover high-quality materials.  This exclusive agreement will see CFL supply high-quality post-consumer plastic film to Enviroplast’s new state-of-the-art facility in Vaughan, Ontario, which is to be commissioned in Q3 2019.  CFL is starting to ramp up supply to Enviroplast’s Anjou, Quebec facility this month in preparation. 

“Between the two Enviroplast facilities, this domestic market revolution allows for the recycling of up to 15,000 metric tonnes annually of plastic film a year following an investment of $25,000,000. With CFL being able to provide us a clean and pure stream of plastic film, we are able to produce a high-quality LDPE pellet to meet growing demand for pure, sustainable, recycled raw material." says Mathieu Séguin, CEO of Enviroplast.

Mark Badger, Executive Vice President of CFL added that “CFL and Enviroplast’s significant investments in leading edge recovery and recycling technology will drive expansion of the domestic market for the recycling of plastic film. CFL’s continuous investment in innovative sorting technologies enables recovery of superior quality, clean streams of plastic film that meet the high standards of Enviroplast’s LDPE pellet production requirements.”

The formation of the Enviroplast and CFL strategic partnership demonstrates a successful collaboration between two major players in the recycling industry whose ongoing investments in technologies have helped drive made-in-Canada recycling solutions amidst international challenges.

About Enviroplast

Enviroplast was founded in 1991 and is a leader in the processing and supply of recycled polyethylene resin. With a facility in Anjou, Quebec, and soon Vaughan, Ontario, the Company produces resins from recycling plastics, post-industrial film, and chunk scraps.  Enviroplast serves customers worldwide.


For further information please contact Sara Joli-Cœur Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Legal Affairs, Enviroplast 514 261-1156

About Canada Fibers Ltd.

Canada Fibers was established 29 years ago as a Toronto-based paper recovery and marketing operation. Since then, its operational scope has broadened to include recovery, separation and marketing of a wide variety of recovered materials, including paper, plastic, metal and glass.  Today, Canada Fibers' supply-side customers include municipalities across the Province of Ontario, as well as institutional, commercial and industrial organizations. The company is now engaged in the production of consumer and industrial products from the waste it recovers through its affiliate, Urban Resource Group.  It’s Urban Polymers affiliate recycles other polymers such as PET and HDPE.


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