Triad Pro Innovators is a One of a Kind Power Storage Developer Whose Unique eCell is Changing Power Storage Worldwide

Fountain Valley, CA, March 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (OTC Pink; TPII): Triad Pro is proud to announce a new breakthrough in its eCell energy storage technology. Triad Pro’s new power supply design, which just passed its final development milestone, can now provide access of up to 90% of the stored energy in its eCell, as opposed to common battery storage systems, which can only access 30-35% of stored energy.  The Triad Pro eCell uses static dynamic storage elements, as opposed to the liquids used in a chemical battery. 

In off-grid scenarios and applications energy storage using traditional battery systems has many shortfalls:  1) they take too long to charge; 2) have limited variability at discharge; 3) require maintenance; 4) need to be replaced often due to limited charge/discharge cycles; 5) suffer from drastically reduced performance in extreme temperatures; 6) are routinely overbuilt to compensate for these weaknesses, or are not used at all. 

The newly developed Triad Pro power supply provides our storage system with tremendous operational flexibility. Using our propriety hardware and software solution, our eCell can be configured to store energy at a rate limited only by the network providing it, and then release that energy in a regulated way based upon the application, which allows for flexibility unknown in current chemical battery-based storage systems.

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