Royal Holiday Announces Partnership With APRIL International Group

Mexico City, MEXICO

Mexico City, Mexico, March 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Royal Holiday Vacation Club recently announced that they are officially partnering with APRIL International Group, providing services exclusively for all club members. This offer is geared towards helping people with a variety of issues that might come up during their vacations.

APRIL has been in business for over 30 years, serving travelers around the globe. This optional benefit is something that Royal Holiday believes will be very much welcomed by the majority of club members.

Currently, APRIL is offered in 34 different countries. The goal of APRIL is to provide medical, damage and previsional insurance for travelers. This applies to individuals and families, as well as companies and organizations that use Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

The partnership came to be thanks in large part to suggestions from club members. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is always working towards providing a positive overall experience for all members, and big part of enjoyment is the ability to fully relax.

Providing APRIL is one way any person can relax. Insurance is something many people don't initially think about when traveling, but it can really provide a lot of value if something catastrophic were to happen while on vacation.

Examples of insurance coverage includes any type of medical problem, lost or misplaced luggage, last minute trip cancellation or more. Having everything covered when a big trip is planned can make for a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Royal Holiday club members who are interested are encouraged to call their sale agent and bring up the new feature when booking a new vacation. Since each travel destination will have different laws and regulations, pricing and limitations can change quite a bit. It is important for people to bring up APRIL International Group early on to lock in the best rate that is available.

With the coverage, claims can be made directly through APRIL International group thanks to this partnership. This will allow for quicker resolutions in most cases. Club members are also always able to go through Royal Holiday to receive as much assistance as possible. In many cases, they will be transferred to APRIL if it is something they can better assist with.

This partnership is the latest offer for Royal Holiday club members. Other offers include Resort Condominiums International, RentSure and Summer Camp. The company is also focused right now on finding new and exciting benefits to add for club members to use as well.

From bronze to platinum plus, there are a number of membership levels for people with Royal Holiday Vacation Club. The company lays out what each level provides on their website, allowing people to discover which one might best fit their needs. With over 180 travel destinations all over the world to choose from, being a member at any level can be a very positive and valuable experience overall.

For more information on Royal Holiday, APRIL and everything else regarding traveling, visit Visitors can talk to a customer service representative during normal business hours if they wish to learn more.


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