Software solution seen as helping companies develop unified view of BI reports, improving operational efficiencies by 70%; reducing total cost of ownership by as much as 10%


San Jose, March 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZENOPTICS, an emerging leader in self-service business intelligence consumption platforms that revolutionize the democratization of data and analysis, today announced it has been invited to demonstrate its solution at the “Innovative Analytics in Action: Emerging Trends You Need to Know” session at next week’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, being held in Orlando.

At the Gartner conference, ZENOPTICS (booth #906) will demonstrate how its enterprise business intelligence and analytics hub slashes decision-making time by presenting a unified view of reports from market-leading vendors such as Salesforce, Tableau, SAP and many others.  It is designed to enable companies to comply more easily with a myriad of governance regulations, such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s forthcoming Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and more.  It can also increase operational efficiencies by as much as 70% and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 10%, through decreased costs in staffing, software and migration, as well as lowered costs in report creation and maintenance.

ZENOPTICS is available either via the cloud or on-premises.  The self-service solution leverages companies’ existing investments in BI, Data and Analytics, unleashing their potential usage to a wider audience.   Specifically designed for rapid deployment, Zenoptics enables instant visibility, searchability and traceability across multiple sources, enabling end-users to easily interact with all of a company’s reports from various vendors in one dashboard.  It is specifically designed for ease of use, with users being able to access reports from disparate locations, merging them into a unified view through a three-click process.  It also leverages advanced machine learning to recommend or suggest reports based on the consumption patterns of other users.

Gartner research defines an analytics and BI portal tool as “Provid(ing) a portal to all analytics and BI content to help users find reports and dashboards regardless of which tool was used to author the underlying content.”1

“It’s more important than ever for companies to gain a unified view from all of their reporting sources, so that they can make the most profitable business decisions,” said Saurbh Khera, ZENOPTICS’ Chief Executive Officer.  “We will demonstrate the value of ZENOPTICS’ single consumption platform to Summit attendees; we firmly believe our solution provides greater and immediate opportunities for BI and analytics users to gain greater insights from their data more quickly, accurately, and completely than ever before.”

ZENOPTICS’ (www.zenoptics.com) mission is to help its customers leverage their existing investments and dramatically improve the usage of existing investments in data and analytics. ZENIOPTICS is designed to provide rapid ROI on the investments made across the BI landscape. The company achieves this by simplifying the consumption of data and visualization tools with most modern technology based on industry standard open-source software. ZENOPTICS is one of a kind product in the market, promoting Self-Service BI Governance.

1 “Select the Right Analytics and Business Intelligence for the Right User and Use Case,” Cindi Howson, published June 1, 2018


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