Younan Collection Acquires El Septimo Cigars Luxury Brand Expands Further into Luxury Goods

LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Expanding its luxury product holdings, the Younan Collection, an international investment firm and manager of luxury hotels, golf courses, and resorts, announced it acquired all the assets of Septimo Concept SA, maker of El Septimo premium cigars headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  The new company will be called El Septimo Geneva SA.

 “We have been looking to expand our luxury line with products that unconditionally are the best in the world,” remarked Zaya S. Younan, Chairman and CEO of Younan Collection and Younan Company. The premium cigar segment is growing globally, and El Septimo is in the forefront of the industry using innovative yet traditional processes to make the most exclusive cigars in the world. El Septimo is a perfect complement to our luxury collection.”

El Septimo was founded in 2005 to set a new standard in the premium cigar market. By sourcing exceptional plants and growing the tobacco in high altitude conditions, the tobacco is aged anywhere from five to 15 years. This allows the oils and flavors to develop leaving behind an unusually rich and creamy smoke. The old world techniques employed by El Septimo mirror the process of aging and blending fine wine.  The four pillars of premium cigars - strength, flavor, aroma and combustion – are optimized to achieve a unique tasting experience.

Younan continued. “El Septimo cigars are premium-aged cigars with excellent draw, texture, flavor, combustibility, aroma, elasticity, color and the balance in the composition of tobacco and oils. The dark wrapper with a unique blending process provides a rich but balanced experience for our clients.  El Septimo cigars are made entirely by hand and use 100% long-filler tobacco, meaning the leaves on the inside of the cigars run its entire length.  The tobacco and final product are stored in a natural environment that provides optimum temperature as well as humidity.

 “Today El Septimo offers a collection of 30 brands of cigars that provide wide range of variety and experience to its clientele. Because of our blending and aging techniques, we can control the intensity of the experience,” noted Younan. We currently are testing a new blend that offers a lighter yet structured flavor profile that will appeal to women, and we plan on introducing several dozen new brands to our growing global customers. In the past, the El Septimo cigars have been marketed to a selective European audience. We plan on rolling out El Septimo to the U.S. markets later this year,” Younan added.

About the Younan Company

The Younan Company is a global private equity firm that specializes in acquisitions and management of various assets and companies in the luxury consumer space. The company’s strategy is to build a portfolio of luxury products and properties, lifestyle companies and services, and it is recognized as a global luxury brand with more than $1.2 billion in assets under management through its subsidiaries Younan Properties, and La Grande Maison Younan Collection.    LGMYC owns and manages luxury hotels and resorts in France including Château de Beauvois, Hôtel Saint-Martin, Château Le Prieuré, Alexandra Palace, Chateau de Vaugouard, Château de la Perrière; premium cigar maker El Septimo Geneva SA ; Golf des Forges, Golf du Petit Chêne;  vineyards in St. Emilion, Bordeaux including Château la Croix Younan, and Château La Garelle, and MPA Creation Studio in Paris.  It recently acquired Malibu Foz Hotel and Resort in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

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