Worldwide Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes Market Report 2019: Market is a $7 Billion Market in 2018, and is Expected to Reach $58.8 Billion by 2024

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The worldwide Lithium Ion Battery cathode market is a $7 billion market in 2018 and is expected to reach $58.8 billion by 2024.

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the advantages brought by using new materials are used to decrease the cost of producing lithium ion batteries. The customization achieved by reducing the quantity of cobalt proportionally inside the cathode is a significant market growth driver.

Lithium-ion Batteries at $100/kWh Make EVs Cheaper Than Traditional Gas-Powered Vehicles. As the new cathode technologies are applied to lithium ion batteries, the cost of lithium ion batteries will continue to decrease. Lithium-ion batteries aim to cost $100/kWh, - a cost that makes EVs cheaper than traditional gas-powered vehicles. Companies are targeting between $80/kWh and $100/kWh. Realistically companies will likely approach $100/kWh.

NMC lithium battery cathode materials are used for electric vehicles. As the cathode markets develop toward NMC, it is clear the LFP favored by Chinese manufacturers, not suitable for electric vehicles will lose market share. Current NMC ternary lithium-ion batteries from South Korean and Japanese makers typically employ a ratio of 60% nickel to 20% manganese, and 20% cobalt (6:2:2), but as that ratio moves to 8:1:1 in 2018 and beyond, the cathode is a key element to achieving vast cost efficiencies.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Lithium Ion Battery Cathode: Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Li-ion Battery Sub-Types
1.1.1 Nickel Manganese Cobalt
1.1.2 Nickel Cobalt Aluminum
1.2 Lithium-ion Battery Basics
1.2.1 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Description
1.2.2 Cathode Chemistry and Metal Proportions
1.2.3 Intercalated Lithium Compound
1.3 Cathode Typically 31% of Cost of Small Lithium Ion Battery

2. Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Market Driving Forces
2.2 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Market Shares
2.2.1 Sumitomo Monthly Production Structure
2.2.2 Umicore
2.2.3 Umicore Dedicated to NMC and Cobalt
2.2.4 Samsung
2.2.5 Panasonic
2.2.6 Easpring Material Technology Chinese NCM 622 Capacity of 2,800 tons
2.3 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Battery Materials Market
2.4 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Segments
2.5 Battery Materials Market Worth $11.3 Billion By 2018
2.6 Electric Vehicle Market
2.6.1 Automotive
2.6.2 Cobalt
2.7 Lithium Ion Batteries
2.7.1 Lithium Markets
2.7.2 Cathode Active Materials
2.7.3 EV Makers and their Suppliers
2.8 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode and Cobalt Pricing
2.8.1 Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Linimncoo2 Powder for Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials-Gn-NMC
2.8.2 Linicomno2 (NCM) Powder for High Capacity Li-ion Battery Cathode, (Ni: Co: Mn=1: 1: 1) , Lib-Lncm111
2.8.3 LiFePO4 Cathode Material CAS 15365-14-7
2.9 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Regional Market Segments
2.9.1 Europe
2.9.2 China Cathode Market Participation

3. Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Product Description
3.1 Lithium Battery NMC Cathodes
3.2 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Market Segment Analysis
3.2.1 Cost Of Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes Continues To Decrease
3.2.2 Cathode Segments, NMC 532, NMC 622, NMC 811, Market Segments
3.2.3 Cathode Market Growth, Tonnes
3.2.4 Cathode Market Growth, Tonnes, Worldwide, 2013 - 2017
3.2.5 NMC
3.2.6 NMC and NCA
3.2.7 LFP
3.2.8 80 Percent Nickel, 10 Percent Cobalt And 10 Percent Manganese NMC 811
3.2.9 Cathode Segments by NMC, NCM, NMA, LFP, Cobalt LCO, and Specialty Cathodes, Market Segments
3.2.10 Cathode Unit Analysis in Tonnes
3.2.11 Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA/NCM)
3.3 Category : LiNiMnCo (NMC) Batteries
3.4 NMC 811 Battery Production
3.5 Electric Vehicles
3.5.1 Cars and Light Truck, Trucks and Busses Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Segment Market Forecasts,
3.5.2 Cars and Light Truck Electric Vehicle Regional Segment Market Forecasts
3.5.3 Cars and Light Truck Electric Vehicle Segment Market Forecasts, Small, Mid-Size, Luxury. And TaaS, Shipments
3.5.4 Trucks and Busses Electric Vehicle Market Forecasts
3.5.5 California Seeks to Ban Gas Burning Vehicles
3.5.6 EV Battery Manufacturing
3.5.7 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Spending by Manufacturers
3.5.8 China
3.5.9 NIO in China
3.5.10 Transport as a Service (TaaS)
3.5.11 Charging Stations
3.5.12 Electric Trucks and Busses

4 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Research and Technology
4.1 Available Battery Choices:
4.2 Lithium Cobalt Oxide(LiCoO2)
4.3 NMC
4.4 Cathode Segments

5 Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Company Profiles
5.1 3M Sells NMC to Umicore
5.1.1 3M Strategic Relationship with Amperex Technologies for NMC Li-Ion Cathode Materials
5.1.2 3M Offered Three Cathode Products
5.1.3 3M NMC Transfer to Umicore
5.2 Argonne National Labs
5.3 B&M
5.4 BASF
5.4.1 BASF NCM Cathode Materials
5.4.2 BASF One Of Two Licensed Suppliers of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory-Patented NCM Cathode Materials
5.4.3 BASF and Toda Kogyo
5.4.4 BASF - ANL Collaboration on NCM Cathode Materials
5.4.5 BASF and General Motors GM NMC
5.5 BYD
5.6 Easpring
5.6.1 Easpring Revenue
5.6.2 Easpring Production Capacity
5.7 FDK
5.8 Fujitsu
5.8.1 Fujitsu Laboratories
5.9.2 FDK Corporation and Fujitsu Laboratories
5.9.3 Fujitsu Low-Cost, Cobalt-Free Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
5.9.4 Fujitsu Cathode Terminology
5.9.5 Fujitsu
5.9.6 Fujitsu Laboratories
5.10 Hitachi Chemical
5.10.1 Hitachi Lithium Ion Battery
5.11 JFE Techno-Research
5.11.1 JFE Catalyst Evaluation and Development Support
5.12 Jinhe
5.13 L&F
5.14 LG
5.14.1 LG Chem Embraces NMC 811 Cathode
5.14.2 LG Chem and 3M Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide Cathode Patent License Agreement
5.14.3 LG Chem Supplies NMC-based Li-ion Cells For Plug-In Vehicles, Including Chevy Volt
5.15 Long Power Systems
5.16 Mitsubishi
5.17 NEI Corporation
5.17.1 NEI Cathode & Anode Powders
5.17.2 NEI Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) Powders
5.17.3 NEI Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (NCA) Powders
5.17.4 Lithium Manganese Nickel Oxide (LMNO / Spinel) Powders
5.17.5 NEI Custom Lithium-ion Battery Powders
5.18 Nichia
5.19 Panasonic
5.19.1 Panasonic offers Tesla Different Applications
5.19.2 Tesla Gigafactory
5.19.3 Panasonic Nickel Cobalt Aluminum and Nickel Manganese Cobalt
5.19.4 Panasonic / Tesla Cathodes
5.20 Pulead
5.21 Reshine
5.22 Samsung
5.23 Shanshan
5.23.1 Shanshan Anode Materials
5.24 SK innovation
5.25 SMM
5.25.1 SMM Cathode Material of In-Vehicle Lithium Ion Batteries
5.25.2 Nickel Powder For Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
5.25.3 Magnetic Powder for In-Car Motor
5.25.4 Development of High-Functionality Silver-Coated Copper Powder With A Controlled Shape
5.25.5 SMM Flake-like Silver-Coated Copper Powder Characteristics
5.25.6 SMM Cobalt:
5.25.7 SMM Produces Electrolytic Cobalt
5.25.8 SMM Increasing Production of NCA
5.25.9 SMM Monthly Production Structure
5.25.10 SMM Increasing Battery Material Production In Response To Growing Demand For Electric Vehicles
5.25.11 SMM Materials Business
5.25.12 Sumitomo Metal Mining Revenue
5.25.13 Core Advantages of SMM's Materials Business
5.25.14 Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Sales Volume of Battery Materials
5.26 Targray
5.27 Toda Kogyo
5.27.1 Toda Kogyo Revenue
5.27.2 Toda America
5.27.3 BASF and Toda Strengthen Their Collaboration
5.27.4 BASF and Toda Combine Manufacturing Activities in the United States
5.28 Umicore
5.28.1 BASF, The World's Largest Chemical Company, Files a Law Suit Against Belgium's Umicore
5.28.2 3M NMC Powder
5.28.3 Umicore and One of Its Customers-Japan's Makita
5.28.4 Umicore Dedicated to NMC and Cobalt
5.28.5 Umicore Record Performance in 2017
5.28.6 Umicore Revenue
5.28.7 2017 FY Umicore Business Review Energy & Surface Technologies Including Cathodes
5.28.8 Umicore Acquires NMC Battery Material Patents from 3M
5.28.9 Umicore Boosts Capacity In Cathode Materials
5.29 Selected Lithium Ion Cathode Companies

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