LionDesk® launches innovative AI technology, Lead Assist™, ahead of refreshed platform

Nicknamed “Gabby,” the LionDesk Lead Assist™ feature will automatically engage with new leads to increase speed to lead while agents focus on revenue-producing activities

Carlsbad, California, UNITED STATES

Carlsbad, March 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LionDesk® , the leading Real Estate CRM platform that helps sales professionals connect, communicate and close leads faster, is proud to announce "Lead Assist™," an automated lead conversion assistant. Nicknamed, "Gabby," Lead Assist will qualify incoming leads with the goal of booking appointments, while agents focus on current business activities. 

Closely mimicking true artificial intelligence, Gabby will engage with incoming leads and existing clients via text message to further determine lead quality and speed response to general customer needs with the ultimate goal of qualifying the lead for the agent. 

Built into its highly conversational discourse is the ability to recognize terms such as "divorce" or "just married" as they relate to reasons why homeowners often need to buy or sell. Gabby probes for specific reasons for contact, such as timelines for buying and selling, financial qualifications, price ranges, and locations. 

"Giving LionDesk users the ability to turn on Lead Assist to qualify incoming leads will increase their conversion, and more importantly give them more time to spend on important life moments and highest revenue producing activities," said David Anderson, Founder and CEO of LionDesk. 

LionDesk bases much of its product innovations on the power of "follow-up," that is, helping agents stay in touch with people during the decision-making process, whether that decision is who to work with or what to buy. Thus, Lead Assist maintains an outreach effort for 90 days, ensuring at least 15 touches after initial engagement. 

LionDesk worked closely to develop Lead Assist with Structurely, a provider of automated chat and follow-up technologies for the real estate industry. 

The product is now available to add by all existing LionDesk customers.

"This is the next step in many new product innovations coming out in 2019 from LionDesk," Anderson said. 

LionDesk is preparing to launch a comprehensively updated version of its product. Learn more about Lead Assist here: 


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