OCP Global Summit, San José, CA, March 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Open Networking experts STORDIS today announced the launch of two bare-metal switches powered by the fully programmable Barefoot Tofino ASIC. An industry first, the STORDIS Advance Programmable Switches (APS) offer comprehensive 1588 v2 time synchronisation support, as well as providing more powerful processing, higher memory and greater in-built storage capacity.

Advanced networking functionality is delivering significant, and increasingly critical, business advantage within the telecoms sector. Open technologies and network programmability are allowing operators to speed innovation and reduce costs in key areas such as customer self-service and on-the-fly service provisioning, 5G development (GTP encap/decap), and MPLS.

South Korea Telecom (SKT) will be covering the role of the new STORDIS APS hardware platform in the company’s presentation at the OCP Summit: “Cost-effective Approach for Telco Network Analysis in 5G”.

The implementation of the open source P4 programming language on Barefoot’s Tofino switching and routing ASIC, is sparking a new boom in open networking innovation, allowing collaborative industry initiatives and individual operators to engineer significant new advantage for themselves.

“At KPN, we believe Open, fully programmable switches enable us to deliver extremely competitive wireline, mobile and cloud hosting services,” said Michel Geensen Principal Architect, in the CTO Office at KPN. “With these new state of the art, OCP-Accepted switches, offering Stratum and ONL support, STORDIS has created important building blocks for Telco’s like KPN. This is an example of a development which is expected to help KPN to accelerate the rate of innovation while bringing down the cost”.

STORDIS’ new, more powerful and feature-rich, bare-metal switches have been built in response to specific, unmet customer requirements, specifically within the telecoms and media sectors.

“In delivering P4 training for Barefoot in Europe and speaking to customers, we found that users needed a more powerful hardware platform to capture the full benefits of the Tofino chipset’s programmable architecture. Support for time synchronisation is also essential to engineer solid business advantage across a range of industries,” states Alexander Jeffries, CEO of STORDIS. “These are the first switches to go beyond simply swapping out the chipset in a standard OTS bare-metal switch. We have put a lot of thought and research into building a broader, open hardware architecture that supports real-world use cases. And we will be releasing the full switch specifications to the Open Compute Project.”

Support for 1588-time synchronisation on the STORDIS APS range is also designed to enable users to programme more advanced (often application-level) functionality into the network. Within the Telecoms space accurate time stamping enables more efficient 5G feature development.

“1588 time sync is a standout feature for the STORDIS APS range. For SKT the ability to deliver a high precision time reference from a white-box network packet broker (NPB), offers an incredibly valuable combination,” says Junho Suh, Research Engineer at Software R&D, SK Telecom.

Both switches are available from early April from STORDIS. Read the full press release with further information and industry quotes here: https://www.stordis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/STORDIS_PR_Advanced_Programmable_Switches_20190314.pdf


STORDIS is ‘The Open Networking Expert’ and Europe's leading provider of open networking infrastructure solutions with a primary focus on academia and research, media and entertainment, cyber security, service providers, financial services, defence, and telecommunications.

STORDIS is specialized in developing tailor-made networking solutions for customers worldwide. As a full solution provider, STORDIS offers consultancy, system integration, professional support and software development to enterprises of any size. To complement the range of existing hardware, STORDIS designed a versatile, powerful and fully programmable network switch delivering significant business advantage in various fields of the industry.

At the two cutting-edge STORDIS LABS in Germany and the UK, proficient network engineers are acquainted with the most recent standards to offer the best customer service and support, while STORDIS ACADEMY organizes unique training courses worldwide to provide insights into the latest open networking technologies, such as data plane programming with P4 and Barefoot’s Software Development Environment (SDE) Capilano™.

STORDIS is also a supporter, sponsor and an active contributor to many open source networking projects and communities, including the OCP (Open Compute Project), ONF (Open Networking Foundation), ONOS (Open Network Operating System), P4 Alliance, AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association), and Broad<CTRL>

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