UTAH, March 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- APPLIQATE INC. (OTC: APQT), a Wyoming corporation (“the Company”), officially declares the successful launch of Onlichain, the Company’s blockchain accelerator business model. In conjunction with this launch, we are pleased to announce the appointment of technology entrepreneur, Darren Olayan, to lead the Onlichain business.

Through the acquisition of certain assets APQT, a publicly traded technology development firm, will provide founders with a full-stack, “idea to exit” blockchain business ecosystem. By applying innovative technology, a global talent pool, aligned capital and a new exponential mindset, the Company can offer a platform that reduces risk, increases positive outcomes for startups, opens opportunities for entrepreneurs globally, and provides transparency and liquidity to both entrepreneurs and their investors.

Led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Darren Olayan, APQT’s team includes seasoned professionals, including serial entrepreneurs, financial services professionals and technology developers, to execute this data-driven, risk-mitigation approach to blockchain startup. Since 2017, APQT has been amassing digital assets in order to become the premier blockchain business builder. The Company was conceived of and constructed to: identify and develop new blockchain ideas for businesses; focus those ideas and secure a product-market fit; assemble the appropriate team to execute the go-to-market plan; build the product and launch operations.

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