NEW YORK, March 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advan Research Corporation, the leading geolocation data provider for the financial industry, released its new US Truck dataset, measuring traffic in factories, storage facilities and distribution centers of 700 companies, (550 publicly traded). The panel consists of approximately 50% of the trucks in the US and contains 4 years of history.

“We are excited to be providing visibility to the volume of goods delivered to and from factories and distribution centers, as manufacturing and distribution form the backbone of the economy and have been very hard to monitor with traditional means,” said Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D., Advan’s founder and CEO.

In addition to measuring the number of trucks in each factory, storage and distribution facility, Advan also provides custom cross-traffic truck analyses, thereby allowing measurements of suppliers and customers of specific companies; these analyses can be performed on any custom locations. Trucks in & out of auto dealerships, auto parts locations, or any other location of interest can also be measured.

“The combination of foot traffic, truck traffic and weather data, as well as the ability to tie all that to transaction data from Consumer Edge®, rounds up our offerings to encompass the largest part of the economy, as we had originally envisioned when starting up Advan,” said Grigorios Reppas, Advan’s COO. “Quantitative, Quantamental and Fundamental funds across the board have an insatiable appetite for such targeted data, and we are proud that our work has been helping active managers differentiate their performance from passive investments.”

About Advan
Advan processes 10 billion daily foot traffic observations using 1,500 cellphone applications, over 1.5 million manually geofenced locations of 1,800 companies, including 1,250 publicly traded tickers across all sectors. Advan guarantees 99.5% accuracy of geofences in 913 brands, and computes 20 years of Weather data across all its locations.

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About Consumer Edge
Consumer Edge (CE) is a preeminent equity research and alternative data insights boutique focused on the global consumer sector. Since its founding in 2009 CE has focused on the nexus of research and data. CE continues this focus today, delivering leading equity research with next-generation alternative data solutions.

Consumer Edge is headquartered in New York City. For more information please visit