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Course of Conferize A/S’ Annual General Meeting 2019

Company announcement no. 8/2019
Copenhagen, 19 March 2019

Course of Conferize A/S’ Annual General Meeting 2019

On 19 March 2019 at 16:00 the Annual General Meeting of Conferize A/S was held with the following agenda:

  1. The Board’s report on the Company’s activities in the past financial year.
  2. Presentation and adoption of the audited annual report.
  3. Distribution of profit or covering of loss according to the adopted annual report.
  4. Election of the Board.
  5. Election of auditor.
  6. Proposals from the Board.
    a. Authorization to the Board for capital increase by utilization of GEM facility.
    b. Authorization to the Board to issue warrants to GEM.
    c. Authorization to the Board to carry out capital increases.
  7. Authorization of the Chairperson of the General Meeting.
  8. Any other business.

re agenda item 1.
The General Meeting acknowledged the Board’s report.

re agenda item 2.
The General Meeting adopted the 2018 annual report.

re agenda item 3.
The general Meeting approved the proposal, that the equity covers the loss of DKK 7,104,501 for 2018.

re agenda item 4.
The current Board Steen Tromholt, Christiane Vejlø og Martin Ferro-Thomsen was re-elected.

re agenda item 5.
The General Meeting re-elected Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab as the Company's auditor.

re agenda item 6a.
The General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to utilize the GEM facility on one or more occasions by issuing a total of up to nominally DKK 1,000,000 shares in the period up to 31 March 2022.

re agenda item 6b.
The General Meeting authorized the Board to issue 480,000 warrants in connection with the fulfillment of the terms for the GEM facility (with the possibility of subsequent adjustments up to a total of 530,000 warrants) to GEM, on one or more occasions, and that these warrants entitle to subscription of up to nominally DKK 53,000 shares with a nominal value of DKK 0.10.

re agenda item 6c.
The General Meeting adopted the proposal, that the Board's existing (unused) authorization to carry out capital increases in the Articles of Association 4.2 and 4.3 are increased to nominally DKK 555,000 shares with a nominal value of DKK 0.10, so that the authorizations according to item 4.2 and 4.3 together can maximally be utilized for capital increases totaling nominally DKK 555,000, cf. Articles of Association 4.4.

re agenda item 7.
The General Meeting authorized the Chairperson of the General Meeting to file the resolutions passed by the General Meeting with the Danish Business Authority.

Immediately after the General Meeting, the Board elected Steen Tromholt as chairman. The Board decided on the basis of the authorization that was given under item. 6c, to explore the possibilities of holding a rights issue in April 2019.

On Conferize
Conferize is a digital platform for event organizers and attendees. Too many events and conferences are still planned and realized following a template from a time when the world was still analog. This means that the attendees benefit too little in terms of networking, knowledge sharing and participation, and organizers struggle with old-fashioned and incomplete products, ultimately resulting in a bad experience for the attendees.

Conferize solves this fundamental problem by offering a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for the organizer and creates greater value for the attendees – before, during and after the event. At the same time, Conferize connects users and content in a global network of events, providing an overview of an otherwise fragmented industry. Conferize has been used by thousands of events in more than 140 countries and has been official partner for TEDx since 2014.

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Certified Adviser
The Company’s Certified Adviser is Baker Tilly Corporate Finance P/S (Business registration no. 40073310), Gert Mortensen, Poul Bundgaards Vej 1, 1., DK-2500 Valby, +45 30 73 06 67,

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Søren Dalsgaard Hansen, CFO Conferize A/S, +45 31 21 17 26,