Engineering Technologists Seek Rights to Practice to Improve Public Safety

Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and EDMONTON, Alberta and REGINA, Saskatchewan and TORONTO, March 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Across Canada engineering associations have thrown down the gauntlet, as they seek the eradication of current regulation for applied science and engineering technologists and technicians.

Technology Professionals Canada (TPC), represents approximately 85 per cent of engineering technologists and technicians in Canada. TPC seeks professional recognition for all engineering technology professionals, which will result in these people being accountable for their work. This additional oversight will provide greater quality, safety and accountability to engineering projects.

On March 1, 2019, the Board of Engineers Canada representing all provincial regulatory associations, approved principles that it claims governments should consider when developing a regulatory regime that would grant independent practice rights to engineering technologists. Engineers Canada seeks to promote the agendas of its own members, not the best interest of the public.

TPC calls on all provincial governments to recognize the scope of work undertaken by engineering technology professionals and to enact, or preserve, legislation that authorizes the practice of that profession by means of exemption to the scopes of practice of the professional engineer. This action will enhance safety, ensure the quality of professional services, and ensure the accountability of these professionals. All of these actions benefit Canadians as they are core components to ensuring public trust.

Canada will only flourish in a global economy when all qualified Canadians are enabled, rather than restricted from using their skills and knowledge to the fullest extent. Canada’s technical education through polytechnic institutions and colleges supported by academic, work experience, mandatory professional development, law and ethics requirements as part of registration has equipped engineering and applied science technologists with the required knowledge and skills to be independently recognized as professionals, in their own right.

TPC applauds those governments which are reviewing rights to practice for applied science and engineering technologists.

About Technology Professionals Canada
The mission of Technology Professionals Canada is to serve the public and the environment by promoting the integrity of the engineering technology and applied science profession by maintaining the highest level of national standards, accreditation and registration processes, advancement of professional responsibility, ethical conduct, and involvement in public policy matters.

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