NEW YORK, March 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Developers and Builders Walker Ridge presents Puerto Rico Se Levanta (Puerto Rico Rises Up), an exhibit at Booth 8 at DIFFA’s Dining by Design Pier 92, New York City, from March 21st through 25th 2019. With the contemporary issues facing Puerto Rico as muse, artist and poet Dale Williams presents an artistic landscape on a 6’ x 18’ mural with depictions which interpret Puerto Rico’s past, present and ideas for future sustainable and conscious living. 

Conceptualized by Carlos Maldonado, the project’s visionary and Director of Business Development and Sustainable Initiative at Walker Ridge, Puerto Rico Se Levanta (Puerto Rico Rises Up) represents a welcomed opportunity to spur open conversation on achieving inclusive solutions on issues of sustainability, conscious business practices, recycling and societal issues faced by Puerto Rico’s growing elderly population.  

Peter and Zoltan Kovacs, Developer and Builder Brothers at Walker Ridge joined forces with notable building and design industry experts LV Wood, Tucker Robins Inc. and Madera Management and its Puerto Rico Timber Initiative along with a team comprised of multidisciplinary architect and artist Sourabh Gupta, art directors and graphic designers Athena Azevedo and John Balbarin of IF Studio and The Vanderbilt Republic’s George Del Barrio, to support the project and give the idea expression.

This is part of Walker Ridge’s efforts spearheaded by Maldonado to place increased emphasis on conscious business practices, bring attention to issues in Puerto Rico and the need for respect and sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources. “With the huge environmental benefits of wood, we have joined forces with notable industry practitioners who concentrate some or all of their business practices on using reclaimed or salvaged wood and who hold a healthy respect for craftsmanship,” explained the principals at Walker Ridge.

Carlos Maldonado, the project’s visionary and sustainable development lead commented that, “Issues in Puerto Rico are vast and complex, but we hope to attract the attention of people who have the available resources to help develop solutions to create a ripple effect through small changes thereby lending to a bigger purpose.” 

Maldonado credits the project as a truly collaborative effort and wonderful learning experience with contributions by top industry gurus like Tucker Robbins <Tucker Robbins Inc.> and James Caroll <LV Wood> who have helped to take the project from its roots to handcrafting and finally the realization of what’s possible.  He credits the Kovacs brothers as the glue that held the diversity of ideas and confluence of passion together and IF Studio for visually mixing all the elements into one complex but simple harmonious way for audiences to appreciate and hopefully emote empathy.

Finally, Mr. Maldonado went on to praise DIFFA’s Ms. Robertson for offering an inviting platform for beautiful expression by design and building industry talents who have been working to transform peoples’ lives for more then 3 decades and to offer a place in the world “for people like me, Carlos Maldonado, undetectable”.

Walker Ridge offers great space from concept to creation
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Dale Williams is a 2014 recipient of a Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. He has exhibited across New York City over the past 25 years.  His work has been published in BOMB, Ecotone, Inverted Syntax, Bat City Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review and other print and on-line journals. He studied art at Cooper Union, Hunter College and Cal Arts.
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