Launching into New Endeavors

New Lenox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Tinley Park, IL, March 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we are nearing the end of the first quarter, South Chicago Management Group (S.C.M.G.) is off to a tremendous start. The local Tinley Park management firm has just returned from their K2S & Top Leaders Conference in Dallas, Texas. CEO Joe Pavone Jr. was asked to speak at the K2S conference where he was able to impact over five-hundred attendees. He also chose three leaders to attend this conference and flew them on an all-expense paid trip to Dallas. This conference was an opportunity for the leaders to build relationships with clientele, future business partners and engage with other top leaders within Pavone’s organization.

One of three top leaders chosen to attend this conference was Campaign Manager, Hassan El-Wahhabi. Hassan started with S.C.M.G. in August of 2018 with a background in acting and personal training. He is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and is a graduate from Delaware Community College in Pennsylvania. Before joining S.C.M.G., Hassan worked as a personal trainer at L.A. fitness. “My last position lacked transparency and I chose this business because of the welcoming feeling I had when interviewing with Joe,” explained Hassan. In his spare time, Hassan enjoys studying history, reading self-development books and exercising. In the next 90 days, Hassan’s goal is to be promoted to Market Director and help with the expansion and launch of new clientele. “The culture and atmosphere of S.C.M.G. is what attracts me to this company. I love the investment and attitude approach that S.C.M.G. takes for their people,” explained Hassan.

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