SAN FRANCISCO, March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emporia Software today announced an agreement with Rokio, Inc to exclusively license Rokio’s patented Direct Learning © Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for the music industry. The technology was developed in an incubator funded by Carl Berg, a well-known Silicon Valley businessman and venture capitalist who, among many other successful investments, was an original investor in SunMicrosystems. The Rokio platform is the result of ten years of research and investment of nearly $20 million. Rokio is responsible for further development and commercialization of the Direct Learning technology and owns all of the intellectual property including 4 issued and 3 pending patents.  

Rokio was built from the ground up to address the inherent challenges of Deep Learning for sensor data processing (microphones, cameras, vibration, biological, etc.). Rokio’s Direct Learning approach places dynamic geometries directly on the full fidelity sensor data rather than using equations to reduce the sensor data to simple models. This makes Rokio’s solution ideal for mission critical sensor data applications requiring one or more of: real-time few sample “Show and Go” learning, high frequency sensor data processing, search, auditability or embedded solutions. “This agreement with Emporia Software is a transformative step for Rokio and music is a perfect data type for our Direct Learning AI platform,” commented Jon Myers, CEO and co-founder of Rokio.

Direct Learning is the world’s only AI system that learns and searches high definition video and signals like music in real-time without metadata. “This technology is extremely exciting for Emporia as we look to build the world's first Music Search Engine that will directly search entire music catalogs in all their musical dimensions. This capability promises to enable consumers to break out of their recommendation engine bubble and explore music in unprecedented richness,” said Chester Aldridge, Emporia’s Chairman and CEO of US Equity Holdings, a large Rokio shareholder.

Carl Berg, the Silicon Valley visionary who funded development of the Rokio technology and a large Rokio shareholder, has stated: “We are very pleased to be working with Emporia on such a well-suited and promising application for our real-time, high-frequency sensor data AI technology. Rokio’s time has come and we are sure this will be the first of many successful commercial applications for the technology."

About Emporia Software
Emporia Software, a US Equity Holdings company, is building the world's first direct Music Search Engine that will directly search in real-time, without metadata, entire music catalogues in all their musical dimensions. Emporia invites interested parties to contact the company to learn more at

About Rokio
Rokio, Inc. is the owner of the Direct Learning AI platform. Developed in an incubator funded by Silicon Valley visionary, Carl Berg, patented Direct Learning is the world’s only white-box machine learning system, the only system built to process high frequency sensor data in real-time, the only system that is embeddable at the edge and the only system that can be trained on a few learning samples. For more information, please visit

About US Equity Holdings
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