INGERSOLL, Ontario, March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cascades Financial Solutions (CascadesFS) today announced it has completed the filing of a provisional patent application with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in an effort to help ensure recognition for its contribution to the development of retirement de-accumulation planning advice.

CascadesFS is a retirement income planning calculator that creates a report demonstrating the value of planning advice by revealing the income tax savings of competing withdrawal strategies. It is a first of its kind algorithm utilizing artificial intelligence to solve for an all-encompassing disposable retirement income for Canadians.

With the filing, this unique approach to solving the most pressing issue of retirement planning today – the orderly and efficient de-accumulation of retirement assets – is now patent pending.

“We are excited to share the news of our progress with the public. We’ve developed this algorithm over several years and have been resolute in basing every piece of development on practical implementation, and the feedback we received from the financial advisors and DIY planners who participated along the way,” says Jonathan Kestle, VP CascadesFS.  “As an increasing number of Canadians approach and enter the retirement income phase of their lives, CascadesFS aims to close the advice gap, and make planning for retirement income as easy and straight forward as possible.”

For the balance of 2019, CascadesFS will refine and adapt their product roadmap, continuing to develop features that will add value for their customers: small-medium business financial advisors, individual Canadian households, and enterprise level solutions. The company is also actively seeking out strategic partners that have platforms CascadesFS can complement and tie in to, making full use of their API infrastructure.

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