.inc Launches as the Domain Ending that “Means Business”

Included are member benefits from industry-leading brands: WeWork, Square and more


GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, March 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, .inc officially launches as the essential domain ending for businesses around the world. Operated by Intercap Registry Inc., the new Top-Level Domain (TLD) meets demand for an intuitive domain ending that quite literally “means business.”

Millions of company names end with “Inc.” Now your website can too!

The term “Inc.” is synonymous with business in nearly every part of the world. In fact, 60 percent of company names on the NYSE and NASDAQ end in “Inc.” Now any business, incorporated or not, can have a .inc domain and gain instant credibility online.

Companies can use .inc domains for anything business-related, from corporate sites to newsrooms, investor relations pages, employee portals and more. This domain ending also ranks globally in search engines and can be registered in the official languages of over 190 countries and territories.

Welcome to the Club: The Black Card of the Internet

Partnering with industry-leading brands, .inc offers those who register a .inc domain more than $2,500 in free member benefits from WeWork, Square, Intuit, Google Ads, Delta Air Lines and more. More than a domain ending - .inc is a business solution.

A complete list of member benefits can be viewed and redeemed at www.get.inc/benefits

"We recommend every business, both in the US and abroad, highly consider registering their trademarks in the .inc namespace at SafeBrands,” said Matthieu Aubert, director of Legal and manager of Partner Relations for SafeBrands. “.inc is delivering unprecedented value to businesses through their extensive naming options and free member benefits. SafeBrands is pleased to be adding additional value with three months of free domain monitoring included exclusively for our clients."

Goodbye “Cybersquatting”

Until now, domain scarcity forced businesses to compromise on web addresses or pay up to millions of dollars to private sellers for pre-owned domains. To prevent cybersquatting, .inc is available for a premium price accessible to businesses, rather than speculators. This allows businesses to save time and money by getting the .inc domain they want, when they want it – the goal being to avoid private sellers and pre-owned domains entirely.

.inc gives every business the opportunity to secure one of its most important assets – a premium web address,” said Shayan Rostam, chief strategic advisor to the Intercap TLD portfolio. “By pairing desirable .inc domains with a flat premium price and popular business services, .inc has positioned itself as the black card of the internet.” 

How to Get a .inc Domain

Register .inc domains starting at Noon EDT today, March 27, at www.get.inc or by visiting authorized retailers like GoDaddy, SafeBrands, Gandi, CSC and MarkMonitor.  

All .inc domains, including one and two characters, are available now on a first-come, first-served basis. From now until April 30, eligible trademarks may be registered immediately. Subject to availability, all other .inc domains may be preordered for delivery on May 7 at no additional cost. To secure the most desirable .inc domains sooner, Priority Public Registration opens on April 30 (one-time early bird fees apply).

About .inc

Launched on March 27, 2019, .inc is the domain ending that means business. With more than $2,500 in free member benefits from industry-leading brands like WeWork, Square, Google Ads and Delta Air Lines included, .inc is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. Compare great offers from authorized retailers and buy .inc domains now at www.get.inc.

About Intercap Registry Inc.

Intercap Registry Inc. owns and operates leading internet media businesses with a vision of building long term value, trust, and credibility. Intercap Registry Inc. is launching .inc as the domain ending that means business. For more information, visit www.intercap.inc.

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