Largest Regional Expo for HR and Digital Transformation in St. Paul, MN

Manhattan Beach CA, March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leapgen, a global digital transformation company shaping the future of work, prepares for the 11th Annual HR Technology Expo on April 10 at The RiverCentre of St. Paul, Minnesota. The annual conference is the crowning annual event for FuelWork, the organization formerly known as LEHRN (Leading Edge HR Network). LEHRN was acquired in 2018 by Leapgen, bringing to fruition an opportunity for the Twin Cities-based professional association for human resources and technology professionals to expand its offerings and to build an engagement and networking community for digital transformation professionals around the globe.

FuelWork offers an online community and ten live educational events per year in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Atlanta in addition to their annual conference. Drawing more than 500 attendees, 75 speakers and panelists, and 65 exhibiting partners and sponsors, FuelWork delivers the largest regional conference in the world for the HR technology industry. Scott Berg, contributing HCM analyst from Needham & Company, attests the conference “is one of the best in the country. The breadth of content and attendees are pretty amazing for a regional event.”

Human Capital Management (HCM) and human resources technology is a massive market IDC projects will hit $30B in 2022. As the future of work evolves, organizations have made digital transformation to provide a frictionless workforce experience a top business priority. They’re also becoming strategic about connecting HR outcomes to business results, powered by smart and personalized technology.

Several trends drive the urgency and prioritization of digital transformation and the role of technology in shaping workforce experience. One is the demand for consumerized experiences, where an experience at work is comparable to our experience as consumers. The modern workforce increasingly demands an experience that is real-time, digitized, personal, relevant, collaborative, and mobile. At the same time, enterprises have more access to innovation in their technology stack than ever. Applications of Artificial Intelligence within HCM offer incredible ROI in improving the function’s effectiveness while addressing challenges around unconscious bias and inaccurate data.

While the conference and others like it continue to cater to the HR and IT lines of business, those in the field recognize digital transformation and workforce experience is not the exclusive domain of HR any longer. The C-suite is intensely interested in the myriad of benefits to be realized when a diverse and changing workforce is properly activated, deployed, engaged, developed and retained. “Any organization, no matter your size or complexity, who is looking at deploying HR or workforce-facing technologies in 2019 and beyond should consider this a can’t-miss event,” says Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen.  “The FuelWork event in April brings together the best enterprises combined with the best vendors and thought leaders in an informal, interactive learning environment that sets the stage for success in 2019 and beyond.”

A number of notable solution providers deliver innovative products and services to this industry. Many of them will be exhibiting at FuelWork’s April 10 event, including ServiceNow, SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand, ADP, Workday, SumTotal, Oracle, Ceridian, BenefitFocus, Ultimate Software, and Kronos.

Registration is open until the day of the event. Inquiries can be directed to


Leapgen is a global digital transformation company shaping the future of work. Leapgen is highly respected as a visionary partner to organizations looking to design and deliver a digital workforce experience that will produce valued outcomes to the business. Leapgen helps enterprise leaders as well as solution providers rethink how to better design and deliver employee services and architect HR technology solutions that meet the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business. They do this in their unique Centers of Excellence focused on consulting, coaching, content, and community.



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