History in the Making: The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. to Become the First Legal Cannabis Retailer in Toronto

TORONTO, March 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Monday, April 1st at 9:00am, the City of Toronto will make history as its first legal cannabis retail store opens its doors to the public. 

Earlier this year, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario ("AGCO") announced that only 25 cannabis stores will be permitted to open across the entire province of Ontario, and only five that would be located in the City of Toronto. Among the 25 selected was Hunny Gawri, who successfully obtained a retail store authorization under the name The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. The Hunny Pot, which is one of the few remaining fully-independent retailers in Toronto, successfully completed its final inspection this week and will welcome its first customers on April 1st at 9:00 am.

The announcement has garnered international media attention as Canada becomes the first major economic power to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

“This policy and what it represents for the country cannot be overstated enough,” said Hunny Gawri, owner of The Hunny Pot. “It marks an important shift in our country’s approach to cannabis and we see a tremendous opportunity to change the narrative and remove the stigmas that exist today around the industry. Once we are successful at transitioning the conversation, the true opportunities that exist for this sector can be realized.”

The Hunny Pot store boasts more than 3,500 square feet and has been carefully curated to provide the ultimate consumer experience. "Whether you're new, experienced or just looking to educate yourself about cannabis, The Hunny Pot has been designed to deliver customers with a safe and comfortable environment to explore, learn and shop. It's what our team has internally coined 'The Hunny Pot Experience,'" said Hunny Gawri. "We strive each day to perfect The Hunny Pot Experience, which encompasses a three-pronged approach comprised of: (a) knowledgeable budtenders on the floor to answer your questions, (b) a 360-degree retail experience, and (c) responsible retailing.  We consider each of these elements to be critical to our business model."

"Every detail of our plans, from the lay-out of the store, to the staff members and budtenders, have been carefully chosen to enhance what we at The Hunny Pot believe buying cannabis should be all about. The Hunny Pot Experience will set a high bar for the industry, and we're proud to be making history with the City of Toronto while doing it. We don't have any partners, we're home-grown, and we want to give the City of Toronto the experience they deserve," said Gawri.

About The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. 

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. will be one of the first 25 legal retail cannabis stores set to open its doors in Ontario. The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is owned and operated by Hunny Gawri and is located at 202 Queen St West, Toronto. The doors are set to open on April 1, 2019. You can find more information about the store at thehunnypot.com and you can follow the store on Instagram at @thehunnypotcannabisco.

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