Icelandair leases two Boeing 767 aircraft until end of September

Reykjavík, ICELAND

In case of minimizing interruption to Icelandair’s flight schedule following the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, Icelandair has entered into a leasing agreement regarding two Boeing 767 aircraft. The first aircraft comes into operation mid-April but the second at the beginning of May and both aircraft will be in operation until the end of September. These are 262-seat aircraft with two classes and an entertainment system. Icelandair is currently working on leasing the third aircraft that would be added to its fleet in the summer 2019.

Furthermore, Icelandair is reviewing its flight schedule for the summer 2019 following significant changes in the competitive environment. If the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft come back into operation in June or earlier, Icelandair has the possibility of increasing its flight frequency during hightseason from its original plans due to the above-mentioned addition to the fleet.

Further information: Iris Thorisdottir, Director Investor Relations Icelandair Group