BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovatrics, a leading provider of multimodal biometric technology, is pleased to introduce Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) 7, designed to provide easy-to-integrate, scalable, standards-compliant, and high-performance biometrics solutions benefiting government, enterprise, and law enforcement organizations.

Combining innovative fingerprint, face and iris recognition technology, Innovatrics developed ABIS 7 to empower private and public organizations to create an identity management system tailored to their needs. It contains independent and configurable modules, such as forensic and video analysis, enabling ABIS users to edit and compare latent prints and search for an individual based on faces automatically detected in video files respectively. Furthermore, to equip users with the tools to have a fully-customized platform addressing their specific requirements, advanced exception management and enrollment modules allow flexible configuration capabilities.

Although typically adopted by government and law enforcement agencies in which comprehensive biometric identity management is a must, ABIS 7 can similarly be implemented by enterprises to prevent fraud and attract new customers by fully automating and securing the digital onboarding process.

Innovatrics ABIS 7 is our most advanced ABIS ever released, featuring the latest generation of industry-leading fingerprint, face and iris recognition algorithms. This, complemented by new business modules, enables us to deliver tailored biometric solutions to our partners and end users," said Daniel Ferák, Head of Product Management at Innovatrics. “The open architecture, digital onboarding, flexible licensing, and ultimately, the speed and accuracy afforded by ABIS 7 allow system integrators and solution providers to tailor-make their own biometric systems that correspond to their specific requirements regardless of the use case.” 

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Innovatrics is an independent, trusted partner for biometric identity management technology. To date, the company has successfully completed over 500 projects in 80 countries, with over a billion people having been biometrically processed using Innovatrics software.

At the core of Innovatrics' biometric solutions are the award-winning Innovatrics algorithms; top-ranked technologies, which, combined with an innovative approach and proactive customer care, empower organizations around the world to integrate or build powerful and flexible biometric identification solutions quickly and easily. Learn more about Innovatrics on the Web, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

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