Medical Technology Company Announces New System to Control Urinary Incontinence Following Prostate Cancer Therapy

Pacey Cuff Guard Complements the Pacey Cuff Turbo Urethral Control Device

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Vancouver, BC, April 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pacey MedTech Ltd., a medical technology company, today announced that they have created the Pacey Cuff Guard, a reusable and washable incontinence barrier, specifically for men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment and regularly experience urinary incontinence (UI). The Pacey Cuff Guard is made from durable neoprene, which doesn’t irritate the skin, is odorless, and has a slim ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable and discreet fit within form-fitting underwear. The Pacey Cuff Guard's moisture absorbent padding catches any excess urinary drops, and is a supplementary device designed to add value to the Pacey Cuff Turbo urethral control device (UCD). 

The Pacey Cuff Turbo UCD is more comfortable than traditional penile clamps as it allows consistent and effective blood flow to the penis. It is designed for compression of the urethra to minimize UI and also to protect the blood circulation in the topside of the penis, eliminating possible blood supply restriction pain and damage to the penis from repeated painful ischemic tissue insults. 

Approximately 10 per cent of men who have had prostate cancer surgery, have persistent UI after one year. Some men experience total leakage, while others may only experience stress incontinence - loss of urine with a cough, sneeze or laugh. Traditionally men with UI have had to depend on adult diapers, external catheters, leg bags, medication, and uncomfortable penile clamps. These options may be costly, leak, have odor, and produce extreme discomfort. Artificial sphincter surgery is also an option; however, additional surgery is not always possible or wanted by patients with UI.

Men that have undergone prostate cancer treatment and have stress UI or total leakage may find the Pacey Cuff System, which includes the Pacey Cuff and the Guard, an effective, simple and inexpensive solution. They were both created to be light, soft and comfortable to ensure men can discretely wear them all day, continue to live a normal life, and engage in regular activities. For more information on Pacey MedTech, the Pacey Cuff and the Pacey Cuff Guard, go to

About Pacey MedTech 

Pacey MedTech Ltd. is a privately held Vancouver-based company that is focused on incontinence research. Dr. Jack Pacey, a medical doctor and vascular surgeon for 30 years, has developed the revolutionary Pacey Cuff™ and the Pacey Cuff™ Guard to solve men’s urinary incontinence issues in a way that wasn’t possible before. Pacey MedTech’s mission is to revolutionize the incontinence industry by creating products that will be the new standard for incontinence.

The Pacey Cuff Turbo and Pacey Cuff Guard enable men who experience incontinence to live a more normal life. The Pacey Cuff Turbo and Pacey Cuff Guard can be worn all day - keeping men dry, happy and healthy. The System is comfortable, minimizes urine leaks, maintains blood flow, fits all men, and saves money. For more information on Pacey MedTech, the Pacey Cuff Turbo, and the Pacey Cuff Guard go to


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