Newchip Launches the First Equity-Free, Online Accelerator

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, April 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newchip, an Austin-based web and mobile investment platform that connects startups to investors, is excited to announce the launch of its April 2019 Accelerator Cohort.

“From our Founders, Ryan Rafols and Travis Brodeen, to the accelerator’s mentors and advisors, our team brings a wealth of experience in helping companies raise millions. Too many companies in the global startup community have been unable to raise funding and build their dreams due to a lack of access to accelerators that believe in them,” said accelerator advisor Joshua Lawton-Belous.

Newchip’s innovative model of connecting an accelerator to an investment platform has attracted phenomenal founders from around the world. In fact, the combined cohort has already raised and generated millions in funding and revenue.

The companies in this cohort include (by stage):

Seed Stage

  • Viewst
  • Launch After School
  • Creation Crate
  • Turbopass Corporation
  • AIMaps
  • The Brain Domain
  • Darty Co
  • LYTT

Pre-Seed Stage

  • Lapis Sphere Technologies
  • Healthcare Now, Inc
  • Home Rehab Network
  • Vendible
  • Valet Storage
  • ZenLeap
  • Trouvaille
  • The Wakaya Group
  • TaxTaker
  • Solar Screen
  • Corlinc
  • MootRipe
  • Cloud2Cup
  • H2Observe
  • Game Time Giving
  • Della Ricca
  • Vinder

MVP/Beta Stage

  • Helixstream
  • RentMyCloset
  • Bacpak
  • SurrogateList
  • MyPottyPass
  • Consumer Affinity
  • Shoptaki
  • Unicorn Studios
  • Pivvt
  • FITT Finder
  • Ocean Body Balm
  • Arieh Solutions
  • Elyslot
  • Kash Industries
  • My Ink
  • Tribeswapp
  • Vital Music Share
  • Seatforever

Newchip’s Accelerator is revolutionizing the accelerator and fundraising industry. We accept new applicants on a rolling basis.

About Newchip Accelerator:
The Newchip Accelerator is an immersive, equity-free, online accelerator program for Early Stage to Series A startups serious about scaling their businesses to the next level. Participants engage in a 10-week curriculum of training, 1-1 mentor sessions, masterminds, and live classes to prepare them to raise investment capital from Angels, VCs, and the crowd.

To apply, visit

About Newchip:
Newchip connects new and experienced investors to business and real estate investment opportunities around the nation. Investors can start investing with as low as $100 and entrepreneurs can raise up to $50 million.

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